5 Easiest Tips On How To Make Money From Comedy Skits In Nigeria

July 26, 2020

5 Easiest Tips On How To Make Money From Comedy Skits In Nigeria
Thanks to the internet, it is very possible to make money from comedy skits in Nigeria nowadays.
You no longer need to go around from shows to clubs entertaining people before you can make money from your talent as a comedian.

There are so many people who create really good contents, but are not cashing out from it, while there are others who are making 6 figures from their Instagram apps.

What makes the differences?

Action! Someone took actions to monetize their talents.

Now, we will be discussing the two major platforms where you can make money from comedy skits in Nigeria.

Platforms Where You Can Monetize Your Comedy Videos As A Nigerian

I don't want to waste your time with any extra vocabulary, so let's get straight to the point.

There are so many platforms where you can monetize your platforms, but I will be sticking to these two.

My reason is simply because they deal mainly on visual contents, especially videos.
  • YouTube

YouTube has grown to become the second most visited website in the world, and so has people's careers.

Basically, Google is the first, and this means that if you can 'blow' on YouTube, you have 'blown' everywhere else.
There are different ways of monetizing your YouTube channel, and you can see them on this page.
  • Instagram

Aside stalking celebrities and commenting on your friends' updates, what else are you using this almighty app for?
You can make a lot of money from your Instagram account doing affiliate marketing, ecommerce, digital marketing and publishing sponsored posts.

Other platforms where you can monetize your videos include:

  • Facebook

If you can grow your Facebook fan base to a good number, you can be making good money from posting sponsored posts.

In fact, it is one of the best things you can do as a YouTuber. Share links to your current videos to your Facebook page and watch the money rolling in.

If you are getting started with making money on Facebook, you can check out these article on 5 hottest secrets on how to make money from your Facebook account.
  • Twitter

Twitter is another king of social networking platforms, but a bit more crowded.

I love it so much because of the way contents go viral on it. I have a Twitter account with less than 2,000 followers that gets up to 5,000 likes on some tweets.

How is that possible?
The power of hashtags and trends.

If you notice any interesting topic on the trending, you can make your meaningful contribution and share with the hashtag.
Whenever you release comedies, tweet them to your followers also and ask them to do you the favour of retweeting.
  • Blogging

Blogging is another huge way of making money as a comedian.

You can start a comedy blog, and post other people's comedies as well as your own.
When people visit the website, you make money from adverts, affiliate marketing and other ways.
If you want to learn how you can grow your blog from $0 to $600+ per month, you can check out this article.

How To Make Money From Your Comedy Skits As A Nigerian

I have shared with you different platforms where you can make money from your talent as a comedy content creator.

Don't wait for anyone to pay you while you can do that yourself.
  • Create good contents

People love good things, and they will willingly become your fan if you can make them laugh.
There are a lot of junks on YouTube and Instagram, and you should not add to them.
Make unique contents, even if you want to recycle make sure you do something better.
  • Use Tik Tok

Nigerian youths have packed their loads from Instagram to TikTok, and you shouldn't be left behind.

There are a lot of other extra tools you will access on the platform like the lips sync.
Create an account and use it to entertain your fans the more. Other platforms like Likee and Thriller are also very essential and unique in their own ways.
  • Advertise

After creating your contents, invest a little into advertising them. Once someone falls in love with your contents, they are in love with you.
Reach out to more people and make them your fans, it will pay you off in the nearest future.
  • Be consistent

Inconsistency will kill your vibes and you quit.
Make a schedule and keep to it. You can decide to be dropping a video a week, and make sure you follow people in your niche.
Make your username unique and easy to remember, and drop awesome contents on their pages.
It will only take a little time and your own handle will grow.

Thanks a lot for reading along.

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