Biography of a Nigerian Social Media Marketer and Entrepreneur

July 22, 2020

Biography Of Nigerian Model And Influencer, Kodest Tee

Full Names: Afolabi Dennis Oluwatomiwa
Stage Name: Kodest Tee
Date of birth: 24th September
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Social media marketer, entrepreneur
Brand: Kodest Media

Kodest Tee Biography, Date Of Birth, Early Life And Entertainment Career

Biography Of Nigerian Model And Influencer, Kodest Tee

Integrity, expertise, award-winning personality, and transparency are qualities an individual ought to possess, especially when it comes to a career that is productive.

Afolabi Oluwatomiwa Dennis, also  known as Kodest tee, hails from Oyo state, Nigeria. Apparently, he is the founder of the social media agency; Kodest Media, which is a futuristic enterprise. While spearheading this company, he had faced certain unfavorable conditions which were a lot difficult to deal with. Yet he found his way through the difficulties. Thus, the limitations he faced were the change in the policies of the social media platform he operates with. Still, he strives to avoid being banned or disabled from Instagram. 

However, Afolabi’s fascinating features has a spellbinding attraction, which is his flair for all things good, most especially fashion,  as he tacks on the taste of luxury and adorns his body with the best of designer outfits.
Biography Of Nigerian Model And Influencer, Kodest Tee

Nevertheless, he aspires to be a medical doctor and as well, a multifaceted entrepreneur. And still places his readiness for fashion as an hobby. Hence he patronizes the likes of outstanding designers and brands for unique yet deluxe outfits. 

Furthermore, Afolabi Dennis, looks up to his family as they are his biggest source of inspiration. The thought of how far they’ve come, inspires him to take a huge step, be more , and do more. 

Social Media Handles

You can connect with Kodest Tee on:
Instagram @Kodest_Tee, @Kodest_Media
Website -

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