Quick Facts To Know About Charles Inojie's Wife, Obehi Obhiseh

July 29, 2020

Obehi Obhiseh
Obehi Obhiseh is the wife to Nigerian top comic actor, Charles Inojie.
She celebrated her 6th-year marriage anniversary with her husband on the 17th of November, 2018.

Talking about the couple and their love life, Obehi Inojie has shared some things.
According to her, sharing her husband with another woman is something she has always been scared of. She also added that in her next life, she'd surely love to be with Charles.

Of course, who wouldn't?

Charles Inojie as we all know is a very likeable person.
The couple got married since 2012, but according to Obehi, the marriage looks like it just begun.

She describes him as a very selfless person, and they both hail from Edo State. They met in Europe.

Their courtship lasted for three years before they walked down the aisle.
In her words, she decided to give him a chance because they were both from the same state and he wouldn't harm her.

On living with a celebrity, she also stated that she has met other women married to stars, and it helped her get over the fear of loosing him.

When Obehi Obhiseh was asked about what has been keeping the marriage, she credited three things; patience, understanding, good foods and prayers.

She rated their romance 60%, and he is most times too tired to be the same comic actor we know at home.

Very interesting married life right?
What do you think?

You can follow her on Instagram @ObehiInojie.

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