Exclusive Guide To Making ₦250,000+ Per Month Dropshipping In Nigeria

July 27, 2020

Exclusive Guide To Making ₦250,000+ Per Month Dropshipping In Nigeria
Dropshipping in Nigeria has grown to become one of the easiest ways of making money online.
Simply put, means reselling of products without having to keep them.
Take for an example, you can set up an e-commerce website for selling shoes that you don't have.

The cost price of the shoes are $17 per unit, and you have checked and seen that they are in stock.

You advertise them to Americans, and they place their orders.

All you need to do is order from your supplier and put their address as the shipping address.

You can decide to resell it at $35 each, and you make your profit after shipping.

Introduction To Dropshipping

The dropshipping business in Nigeria is a very interesting way of making money online, especially because you can target anywhere in the world.

Take for instance, December is in the corner and you know Americans don't take it for a joke.

You can decide to dropship Christmas products to them, and they won't even know whom they are buying from.

Things Needed For A Successful Drop Shipping Business

There are a few things you need to do in order to successfully run your drop shopping business in Nigeria.

Some of them include:
  • A good laptop

You may need to run an eCommerce store and so a laptop becomes very essential. Laptops are the easiest ways to access the web now. They generally make things very easy for us.
  • A smartphone

You will be getting a lot of calls so you need a phone. You will also need to use WhatsApp because so many clients will be coming from there.
Aside calls, gadgets will need that you run an Instagram account and then a phone becomes very important because computers do not upload photos.
  • A Modem, Wifi or any other source of internet

I got my 4G WiFi for ₦12,000 and it is serving me really well.

Prior to this, I was using a MODEM but it wasn't powering all my devices. You can get a MODEM for ₦2,500 depending on where you stay, and it will work just fine.
  • Trading channel

In this, I mean you will need to get a platform on which you will be publishing your products, and better still, selling it. A website becomes very essential in a case like this.
For as low as ₦25,000, I can set up an eCommerce website for you in less than 48 hours.

Starting The Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping in Nigeria is a very interesting way of making money.

One of the best time to generate sales for yourself is during the festive period.
You can even fake a black Friday or some stuff like that, people would be willing to purchase when they here that there is limited time promo.

All other top commerce companies out there do it or should I call names...Lol!

Inflate the prices of the products, then take off a percentage that will land it in the normal price and run Facebook ads.

For instance, a phone is sold for ₦35,000 normally. You can take it up to ₦37,000, then remove ₦2,000 in the name of black Friday or Xmas promo, boom it's back to ₦35,000. You will make good sales without having to suffer any losses.

In doing the dropshipping business,we will be seeing how you can successfully run it in Nigeria without having to suffer any business losses. It is very easy, just some little capital.

How To Do Dropshipping On Jumia Or Konga

- Go to Jumia or Konga, as you wish. For me, I prefer checking the two of them to make sure I get the best. There are so many other eCommerce websites from which you can successfully dropship as a Nigerian, however this are the two most popular.

- Now go to the phones section on Jumia and Konga and scroll through the section bearing whatever you want to sell.

For example, you want to sell female sneakers. You have to go to the page, select a particular type of phone and check the reviews. Since you are a reseller, I advise you run away from any product that has a negative review.

- After getting a product, go to your own sales channel, whether a website, social media account or anything else and write about it as if it is a new product, direct from you.

You can use the previous sellers' descriptions. You will need to include a little money that will be your gain, so you should go for the more affordable products.

It is not a bad idea to sell a phone of ₦35,000 with an extra ₦2,000, making it ₦37,000. Most people will still phones at that price.

Once anyone shows interest in purchasing from your own store, go to the product on Jumia and Konga and purchase it.

Put the person's address, phone number and other details as yours and they will send it to them.


I prefer dropshipping to affiliate marketing because you will get to keep your customers.
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