How To Make ₦70,000+ Monthly From The Domainking Affiliate Program

July 31, 2020

How To Make ₦70,000+ Monthly From The Domainking Affiliate Program
The Domainking affiliate program is another legitimate way of making money online by promoting Domainking services.
Domainking is a popular web hosting company in Nigeria and they provide services like sales of domains, blog, website, VPS, Wordpress hosting. It is a good way of earning as a blogger because all you need to do is to refer new customers to them.
Unlike the WhoGoHost affiliate program, they pay once your earnings reach ₦1,000 and straight to your local bank account. However, they also pay you based on a percentage of sales made via your unique referral code.
It is also worth knowing that they only pay affiliates when their referrals purchase hosting plans, and don't pay for sign-ups.

How To Become A Domainking Affiliate

In order to become a Domainking affiliate, you'll first need to create an account with Domainking.NG because they don't have a direct link.

Registration as a new customer is very easy, just visit and fill in your details.

After successfully creating the account, take the following steps to activate your affiliate account:

‣ Login to your client panel (if you've not yet done that)
‣ Click the "Affiliate" button at the top right side of your client area
‣ You'll see a button written "Activate Affiliate Account", click on it
‣ You're account will be automatically activated and you can start promoting the links immediately

How To Join The DomainKing Affiliate Program Without Being A DomainKing.NG Customer?

What if you've not purchased any of the services offered by DomainKing.NG before?
You can still become an affiliate and it's still free to join.
Just follow the following steps:
‣ Visit
‣ Click on the 'Log-In' button
‣ After that, click on the New 'Users Register here'
‣ Fill in the form that will be provided with your correct details
‣ After that, click on the 'Click To Continue' button
‣ The final step will be to activate your affiliate account by clicking on the 'Affiliate' button at the top right side of your client area
‣ Click on 'Activate Affiliate Account' and you'll be provided with your unique referral link

How To Make Good Money Promoting Domainking Products

The steps are the same for promoting WhoGoHost, but let me share some tips that can help you:
‣ Offer web design services maybe at a discount, then give them a link to buy from you
‣ You can also offer free blogging tutorials for anyone that will use your link to buy hosting plans
‣ Share the link on your blogs, it will also help
‣ It will also be necessary to share on your social media pages, maybe someone will be interested


In conclusion, the Domainking affiliate program is a way of making some extra money by promoting hosting services.
Like we earlier said, you need to reach a minimum of ₦1,000 to be able to cash out and they pay to your local bank account. You can request for your payment in your affiliate dashboard or raise a support ticket.

You'll also need to submit an identity proof, an address proof and your bank account details before you can be able to receive payments.

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