Inforib Income Review: Legit Or Another Huge Scam?

July 19, 2020

Inforib Income Review
Our Inforib Income review and what you need to know before joining the platform.
The Inforib Income program was launched in April, 2010 by Mr Ifiokobong Robert, a household name in the Nigerian blogging world.

He is the brain behind as well as other websites, and has been doing well since 2015.

What is The Inforib Income Program About?

The Inforib Income Program is a new way of making money online for Nigerians.

It is more like the Nigerian News Update (NNU by Paul Samson), but free to join.

Infact, you are paid to join unlike the alternatives.

How Much Can You Make From The Program?

This question is a hard nut to crack, but I will be talking about my own earnings.

I joined the program when it was still fresh, and I have referred a lot of people.

My earnings are currently ₦13, 729.
There are people who have made more, and ones who have made far less.

It all depends on the way you take it.

How Can You Make Inforib Income Program?

My Inforib Income review will not be complete without mentioning this, so let's see that now.

There are different ways of making money from the program;
  • Referral bonus

For anybody that signs up through your referral link, you are paid ₦10 and they ₦1,000.
  • Sign up bonus

Once you sign up for the program, ₦1,000 is credited to your account
  • Publish an article

Each article you write and publish will make you ₦500
  • Report an eyewitness news

They also pay ₦200 for every eyewitness news you report.
  • Asking of questions

You earn ₦5 for every question you ask in the forum.
  • Answering of questions

They pay ₦20 for every answer to questions that you drop.
  • Daily login

Any day you log in to your account, you will be paid ₦5.
  • Viewing of an article

For every article that you view, you will be credited with ₦1.

How Can You Cashout Your Money?

The minimum payout on the platform is ₦5,000, and you are paid on the 28th of every month.

It is free, and you will be credited with ₦1,000 the moment you sign up.


The Inforib Income Program is 100% legit, though the earnings are low and can only serve as a side hustle.
Avoid breaking their terms and conditions, so you don't loose your earnings.
Ask reasonable questions, drop interesting answers and engage with other people's own.
Let's make the platform enjoyable for everyone, so it will last long with us!

What's more?
Thanks a lot for reading along.

Drop us a comment if you have any issues, and don't forget to share to your friends.

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