Kasha, An E-Commerce Company For Women's Products Receives A $1M Funding

July 26, 2020

Kasha E-Commerce Company
An East African e-commerce platform, Kasha which focuses on women's beauty and healthcare products has just raised a million USD.
The funding, according to reports is to help expand their reach in Kenya and Rwanda, as well as gain entrance into other countries in the eastern region of the continent.

It came from a Finnish development financier and professional impact investor, Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation Ltd. (Finnfund) and they have commitments and investments in Africa summing more than €400 million.

They invest across a number of privately-owned businesses, driving speedy and sustainable development to the developing countries while focusing on brands which promote gender equality.

The Finnfund has invested more than €105 million in businesses supporting gender equality between 2019 and 2021, and has disbursed around €57 million from April last year till today.

The two founders of Kasha are females, and they have a 100% female ownership as well as 50% female senior management and 64% female work force.

It was first launced in Rwanda, and gradually expanded into Kenya with the company reporting that they have served more than 50,000 customers, of which a great percentage are low income and they have delivered something close to 600,000 products.

Prior to now, Kasha has raised over 1 million USD and 400,000 USD in seed and grant funding respectively.

They also provide health and pharmaceutical products to tackle the Coronavirus Pandemic. These range from hand sanitizers, gloves, masks, antibacterial soaps and even up to COVID diagnostic rapid tests.

Their digital platforms and content channels are used to spread accurate information on how people can stay safe during this period of crisis.
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