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July 18, 2020

Ken Bramor Biography
Chief Kenneth Bramor is a Nigerian oil and gas entrepreneur.
He is a top notch oil magnate and is currently based in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Ken Bramor was all over the news in 2018 after his marriage with Lagos based entrepreneur, hotelier and interior decorator, Ehi Ogbehor crashed.
Not originally from a very wealthy home, Ken struggled and managed to stick his head high as one of the billionaire oil and gas entrepreneurs in the country.

Marriage Life And Family:-

He got married to his first wife, Timi and they had four children.

Things reportedly got sour, and they ended in a divorce. He got married a second, and third time before meeting Ehi Ogbehor.

Ehizogie Ogbehor is a Nigerian female entrepreneur, interior decorator and hotelier.

She is the CEO on Sayaveth Interiors and Hotel, and her marriage to the oil and gas billionaire was her second.

She reportedly had two children already from the first, and accused Ken of being an occultist after they split.

In her words;
'This devil incarnate! Pretending to help the world, yet his immediate family lives in penury. Occultic beast.'

Ken Bramor got his first wife, Timi a ₦280 million Rolls Royce and it was right after this that Ehi dropped the comments.

He accused Ehi of being a cheat and sleeping around with other men.

He said that she was sleeping with her boyfriend, Richard who is popularly known as Duke of Spade, and that the son wasn't his.

The second wife also came out with similar accusations, and claimed Ken was a ritualist. She however apologized and revoked her words moments after.

Net Worth And Expensive Lifestyle:-

Kenneth Bramor was the first Nigerian to purchase the 2019 Bentley Super Luxury Mulsanne Extended Wheel Base.

He customized the plate number after his family name, Ibuere.

He is one of the richest men in Nigeria, and has businesses scattered all over the country.

We however could not estimate his net worth as at the time of writing this article, and will include it as soon as possible.
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