7+ Killer Ways To Make Money From TikTok Without Spending A Dime

July 24, 2020

7+ Killer Ways To Make Money From TikTok Without Spending A Dime
Before creating and growing your own account, is it possible to make money from TikTok as a Nigerian?
This is one of the things you need to know, not just hopping on camera and making some funny videos (that's amazing although!).

I mean, if we catch fun, why can't we catch money too? (that had some rhythm right? Don't leave me, don't leave me).

Creating contents are really not cheap, especially when you have to be going for the best.

Getting a pretty cool digital camera for your Instagram, Likee, Kuaishou, Vskit, LitLot and TikTok contents would cost you nothing less than ₦350,000.

If you want to be going for an iPhone, then something above iPhone 8 would be a good fit, and the budget shouldn't be less than ₦200,000.

After spending all these, you need to pay for materials you use for the contents.

Sometimes you destroy things, go for shopping, visit cinemas, malls and eateries and fuel your vehicles.

All these cause a weight to the pocket and aside getting famous, how do you intend making the hustle worth it.

How To Make Money Online From Creating TikTok Videos

There are so many ways to make money online, and becoming a social media influencer is one of them.

In case you don't know, you only need to get an audience to market your wares, and TikTok has millions of that.

Basically, the way you make money from your influence depends on you.

Some of the ways to make money from TikTok include:
  • Digital Marketing

One of the most interesting ways of making money online is from digital marketing, and all you need is an audience.
The business is all about selling of intangible products like software, ebooks, videos and podcasts.

You can refer your followers to purchase your stuff online, and make good money from them.
  • Ecommerce

If you have a fairly large and loyal fan base, you can begin marketing your items to them.

Remember that most times your customers don't buy items because they need it, but their love for you.

Make your adverts very creative, and give them short and straight-to-the-point reasons on why they need it.

You can sell the products on Jumia or any other ecommerce websites, or get your own business website.
  • Affiliate Marketing

You can also market other people's products to your followers and earn from conversions.

There are so many things you can sell and they all depend on your niche.

If you run a TikTok lifestyle or make-up page, you can decide to sell fashion and beauty related products.

Other niches like comedy and games can also get amazing ways of monetizing their contents or should I tell you? 

If you're creative enough to make your videos, then earning from then is not really a case.
  • Sponsored Posts

Some brands will pay you heavily to advertise their contents and create sponsored posts for them.

Some of these videos you make might not really be all about the products. For instance, if you run a fitness channel, the sponsoring brand might just ask you to take a bottle of their energy drink or bottled water in the course of your video.

Most of these ways of earnings are not unique to TikTok, and can be used to earn heavily from your Instagram pages.
  • Growing of accounts

If you can help other users grow their handles, then you can cash out from doing that.

You can set up a Fiverr gig, and I have seen some sellers keep their prices at $20 for the basic.

For extra services, you can make it $40 and $60.

I'm not into the business so you can read up more things or best still, spy on other gig sellers.

Afterall y'all competitors right?
  • Offering Account Management Services

There are so many busy celebrities who will not mind paying you to manage their handles.

They however will trust you more if you go as a brand, and be able to prove that their accounts are secured in your hands.

You can have a website and an official TikTok account for reaching out to them.

You'll be managing their comments, posts, messages and other things.
  • Offering Consultation Services

If you know a few things about TikTok and how to grow accounts or get more reach, then you can rake in cool $$$!
I have seen a lot of TikTok enthusiasts set up Fiverr gigs and offer consultation services. It is an amazing, yet unpopular way of make money from TikTok.

Some of these charge around $40 for their basic plans, and some even $120+ for extra services.

Of course you should be able to show an account that you have grown, and in this case it is best to grow your portfolio first.
  • Going Live And Collecting Donations

This is another way of making money from TikTok if you have a fairly interested audience.

Users can purchase coins from their profiles, and use it as a way of rewarding influencers when they're live.

A hundred coins would be gotten for roughly $1.39 (or ₦539.32 at the current exchange rate).

When you accumulate those coins, you convert them into diamonds and them, cash out via PayPal.

That is so cool right? Well, your followers actually need to be in love with your contents before they will give you coins, and having foreign fans would be more lucrative in this case.

More Questions Users Ask On How To Earn Money From TikTok

Some of the other questions people ask on how they can make money from their Tik Tok accounts include:

How Many Likes Do You Need On TikTok To Start Getting Paid?

Well, it depends on how exactly you want to monetize the account.

If you're looking to make money from doing sponsored posts for brands, you should be aiming for more than 500,000 likes.

Also make sure to ask questions and fan feedback after your videos. Some brands will check for your number of comments as well as active followers before they patronize you.

How Much Can You Make On TikTok Per Day?

No one can answer this question exactly.

It takes around 100,000 active followers to be able to make between $500 and $2,000 per sponsored posts.

If you get one a day, you can call that your daily earnings, though I doubt the possibility.

Some brands will also want to reward you with free products and free trials, while others pay via PayPal, bitcoins, Payoneer, Western Union, Money Gram, direct bank transfer and other methods.

Who Are The Highest Earners On TikTok

Some of the influencers who earn highest on TikTok include:
  • Charli D’Amelio making around $50,000 per post with 51 million followers.
  • Loren Gray making around $40,000 per post with 42 million followers.
  • Zach King making around $40,000 per post with 41 million followers.
  • Riyaz Afreen making around $35,000 per post with 36 million followers.
  • Addison Rae making around $35,000 per post with 36 million followers.
  • BabyAriel making around $32,000 per post with 32 million followers.
  • Spencer X making around $28,000 per post with 28 million followers.
  • Gil Croes making around $26,000 per post with 26 million followers.
  • Arishfa Khan making around $24,000 per post with 24 million followers.
  • Kristen Hancher making around $24,000 per post with 24 million followers
There are so many other influencers like Sameeksha Sud, Awez Darbar, Jayden Croes, Nisha Guragain, The Stokes Twins, Jacob Sartorius, Lucas and Marcus, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Will Smith and JiffPom cashing out big.

Companies pay from as little as $15 to as much as $50,000 per sponsored posts, and it all depends on your number of engagements and engaged followers.


There are so many ways to make money online as an influencer, and you only need to be creative.

Make quality videos, send the followers to your Instagram or YouTube channels and monetize them there.
Thanks a lot for reading along.

What do you think? Drop us your comments and don't forget to share to your friends.

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