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July 27, 2020
CCNWorldTech is a top tech and information resource blog.
It was founded by seasoned blogger and media guru, Johnson Jay and the agency has been existing since 2011.
With over 20,000 followers on Pinterest alone, and plenty followership on other platforms, it is no doubt one of the biggest media websites in Nigeria, and we'd be reviewing it today.

Introduction:- is a multi-niche and multi-author website. By this, it is not focused or limited to a few topics, and there are more than one authors on the website.
It is a premier blog focused in providing information and tech related tips, tricks, twerks, how tos, news and articles around the world in real time.

Topics And Niches Covered By The Website

Some of the niches they publish contents covered by the website include:-

• Technology covers tech related contents ranging from tips and tricks, twerks, mobile phones and pc self-help contents, how tos, reviews and more.
They also provide articles on the latest gadgets in the tech market, as well as how to get them at the best rates.

• Business

You can always stop by for your daily dose of business and finance related articles and news reports in real time.
They cover topics on how to make money online and offline, manage your finances better, savings as well as entrepreneur profiles.

• Entertainment And News

They cover a wide range of news and entertainment articles in real time. You can follow the blog for the latest entertainment news and gossips, new songs and movies, celebrity fights and more.
They also cover celebrity biographies and of course, there is always something new to read everyday!
Everything from BB Naija to the MTv Base music charts is well represented on the website.

• Fashion

From how to tie gele for the ladies to how to knot a professional tie for our gentlemen, there's always something for you on the platform.
There are also celebrity fashion updates to help you stand out from the rest.
You can also create an account to join the platform and share your own contents to the world.

• Education And Scholarship Opportunities 

CCNWorldTech publishing daily education related articles and scholarship opportunities. From the SSCE academics to university, masters and beyond, nothing is left out.
They also drop scholarship opportunities as soon as they land, and you can follow them on social media or subscribe to their emails to catch them as an early bird.
Most of these opportunities have very short deadlines, and you need a platform from CCNWorldTech so you don't miss out on any.

- Games

They publish contents on games, gaming gadgets and their reviews.
It is one of the best platforms for articles like best site for ppsspp games and PSP game reviews and downloads.

• How Tos

From how tos in tech, to fashion, health, business and agriculture, there are no stones left unturned.
The authors work round the clock to make sure you do not lack information on any topics, and they are free for you.

Have you visited the website? What is your review of the blog on a scale of 1-10?
Drop us a comment and don't forget to share!

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