PiggyVest Referral Review & How I Was Able To Make More Than ₦230,000

July 31, 2020

PiggyVest Referral Review & How I Was Able To Make More Than ₦230,000
The PiggyVest referral program is probably one of the best things that have happened to internet marketers in near time.
You may not understand, but an affiliate program that pays both the referrer and the referred is a huge potential.

All you need to do is tell the people, 'you earn, and I earn', and they will hit the sign-up button.

After all, who doesn't like earning? Lol!
Okay, before we begin, pardon my manners. I will be doing an introduction to the program.

What Is PiggyVest?

PiggyVest is an online savings platform, where you automate the whole processes of saving your money.

You will choose the amount of money you want to be deposited, and set the time you want it debited.

For instance, you can choose that you want them to be saving ₦1,500 every day for you, and you select that the money will be deducted from your account by 5 o'clock every morning.

The PiggyVest Referral Program

In order to encourage more users, the PiggyVest referral program was launched.

It is a scheme whereby you tell people about the program, and you both earn ₦1,000 each once they sign up and complete their account creation processes.

There is no maximum amount to the number of referrals you can make, and you can withdraw your money as soon as the safelock is over.

The PiggyVest safelock takes one week, and from the photo above, you can see that I have referred more than 200 people.

Basically, PiggyVest will be paying my referrals and I ₦400,000+ once they complete their sign up and registration processes.

Truth is, the referral bonus is the major program drawing users to the platform.

I wouldn't be there today if not that a friend told me about the program, and these 230 people wouldn't have also joined if there was no referral program.

To sign up for Paystack and benefit from their referral program today, click HERE.

You need to be referred by someone to be able to benefit from the program.

Is PiggyVest Legit Or Scam?

I have been saving my money with PiggyVest since 2019, and I have successfully withdrawn several times.

There was even a time I needed cash badly and had to break my savings... Lol!

So, PiggyVest is 100% legitimate, at least from my experiences with them.

Their office and microfinance bank is located in Lagos State, and their business is dully registered with all the required institutions, including the CBN.

The money you save is not also held by PiggyVest, and they do not have access to it as per what I found on their website.

Your credit card payments are also processed by Paystack, so you can be sleeping with two eyes closed.

Are There Any Charges For Using PiggyVest?

No, there are no charges for using PiggyVest.

However, ending of last year I was charged something around ₦300 for the payments that were processed by Paystack.

Of course, this is normal and Paystack charges very little amount of money for processing your payments.

How To Refer On PiggyVest And Make ₦1,000 Per Referral

To refer people and make money on PiggyVest,
• Sign up for the program by clicking HERE.
• Complete the registration of your by doing two of the three things that will be on your dashboard.
• Click on Claim Referral Bonus
• Visit THIS PAGE to get your referral link.

Now use it to share on your social media pages and make money per referral.

How To Withdraw From PiggyVest Safelock

Withdrawing from the PiggyVest safe lock is very easy;
• Log into your account
• Click on Safelock
• You will see the option for withdrawal there.

There may be charges (5%) if you withdraw on the day that is not the official withdrawal date. This was put in the program to encourage a savings culture.

What's more?

Thanks a lot for reading along.

If you have any questions, do well to drop them as comments below.

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