6 Amazing Tips On How To Start A Pizza Business In Nigeria

July 31, 2020

6 Amazing Tips On How To Start A Pizza Business In Nigeria
Have you ever thought about owning your own pizza business in Nigeria?
The food business is no doubt one of the fastest growing, and the competition for producers is fairly okay compared to other industries.

One of such branches of the industry you can go into is the making of snacks. Most of the snacks are made with maize flour, and it is very affordable, thereby meaning a better profit turnover.
Some bakers even decide to make their own flour themselves, but that isn't always advisable since it would cost you a lot to make enough for your productions.

Now, there are so many types of snacks you can go into, and they are all lucrative in their own ways.

You can be making chin-chins, peanuts, cakes, biscuits, akara balls, buns, doughnuts, sharwarma, fish-roll and egg-rolls.
Today we'd discussing pizza business in Nigeria, and how you can begin the production and be turning in profit, since that is what it is all about.

Read on, as we'd be discussing them in 6 steps, and don't forget to drop your comment and share to your friends at the end of the article.

Tips On How To Start, Manage And Make Money From Making And Selling Of Pizzas In Nigeria

Making of pizzas is a very nice business, but you must be good at it if you'd stand out.
We'd be seeing tips on how you can increase your finance through the business.
  • Go on a market survey

Before you start any business, whether in the food industry or anywhere else, you have to conduct a market survey.

Check your competitors, purchase their pizzas and know how tasty they are. If they have a stand, estimate how much it will take you to create something similar.

If there are any faults you discovered in their services, kudos! Don't let your own customers discover anything like that from your own.
  • Set up a business plan

Now that you are done with your market survey, it is time to create your business plan. Put down a detailed reports of strategies you would use to overtake your competitors.

Remember there are tons of other pizza makers, how do you intend standing out? How much is needed for the business and how much do you have already?

How many workers will you hire, and how much do you have for paying them before turnover becomes great? You can decide to hire people on a daily wage basis, and that will favour you and them asap.
  • Raise capital for your business

After going on a market survey and setting up the business plan, it's time to raise capital to run it. We have earlier published an article on 7 ways to raise capital for your business as a startup.

You can get money from other businesses, your savings, friends and families or even opt for a soft (favourable) loan.

You can check out this article on 10 websites that give quick online loan in Nigeria.
  • Pick a location

You have gone on the market survey, created your business plan and raised capital for the pizza business, it's time to take the bold step into picking a location.

Choose a site that is very accessible, especially a place near an education facility, school, church or any other place that attracts crowd on a regular. You can decide to rent one, or even buy if it is within your budget.

Also make sure that wherever you choose complies with the stipulated structural and health requirements by NAFDAC and other registration bodies.
  • Work!

There's no more time to waste, and you have to begin operations as soon as possible. Set up the site to your standard, purchase and install the necessary kitchen equipment and hire a few persons to work with you on the startup.

They might not be professionals, and you will have to bear an extra load of carrying them along. Don't worry, it's worth it.

You should also consider taking your business online so you can be able to get orders from the internet, and a 24/7 customer care line will be helpful.

If you can do home delivery for some extra charge, it will also be an added bonus as most people would prefer that.
  • Advertise

Running a pizza business in Nigeria won't be so easy as a beginner, and you have to do a lot of promotions.

You can create posters, sign posts (very essential), stickers and more to pass your message.

Facebook and Instagram page will also be necessary, and you should consider running paid ads to reach out to more targeted users.

You can reach out to over 6,000 people with just $10 on Facebook and Instagram, and imagine how far your business will grow after that.

I have also published an article on 10 free advertising platforms you can benefit from as a Nigeria, and I suggest you check it out.

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