Meet Samuel Mbah, Nigeria's Number 1 Twitter Ranter

July 15, 2020

Samuel Mbah
Samuel Mbah is probably one of the most talked about Twitter influencers in the Nigerian internet world.
Everything about him is worth a media headline, from his hilarious tweets, to funny getbacks at disses and even the skin haircut he's known for.

Not much is known about Samuel Mbah, and he's most active on Twitter where he has more than 50,000 followers.

He also has an Instagram page with roughly 15,000 followers.

Before we continue, we'd be seeing a little about him.

Who Is Samuel Mbah?

He is a Nigerian Twitter influencer, with over 70,000 followers everywhere.

Samuel is popular for his jokes and getbacks, and is mostly mentioned by other people.

One of the most popular things about him is the hairstyle, and it is probably a trademark... Lol.

If you are an active user of the Twitter platform, you'd have come across this face a few times.

What Is He Known For?

Aside the hilarious tweets and jokes, Samuel is known for throwing shades.

He is one of trend starts in the country, and has reportedly had his account deactivated a few times.

Social Media Handles And Email

You can get in touch with Samuel via:
Twitter @MbahDeyForYou
Instagram @_mbah
Email: [email protected]

What's more?
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