Wazobia Investment Review: A Must Read This Before Joining

July 24, 2020

Wazobia Investment Review
This Wazobia Investment Review was purely made based on observations.
It is independent of any external influences and we'd not be held liable for any gains/losses arising from your financial obligations.

As with any other Ponzi schemes, this is unpredictable and we suggest you study the platform well before making any commitments.


What Is The Wazobia Cash Platform All About?

The Wazobia Investment Platform is a Ponzi scheme, just like the MMM and the other ones.

It is however a ponzi with a difference, and they introduced a system to help pin users to the platform.

This is because the other schemes have had issues and closed up because people were bolting away after receiving help.

With this, you will be required to leave a portion of your money and with that, you won't be able to leave.

How Legit Is Wazobia Cash?

If you are wondering whether the Wazobia Cash is real, then the answer is YES!

Afterall what does it mean for something to be real? It is existing.

However for those wondering whether it is legit or scam? Then to an extent we can call it legit.

We'll see more in the next sub-heading.

How Does Wazobia Cash Work?

You can compare the Wazobia Investment platform to something like the Profit Arena.

They are an improvement to the regular and pioneer ponzi schemes like the MMM and Ultimate Cycler.

You join the platform with ₦1,000, and make your commitment of let's say ₦10,000.

It depends on you, but you'll be required to upgrade after receiving two helps, or the system will do that automatically.

When you give your first help of ₦10,000, you'll also give another help, and then you will be merged to receive.

Merging and payment is in 24 hours, unlike Profit Arena which pays in 72 hours, ie 3 days.

When Did Wazobia Cash Start?

We don't know for exact when the platform started, but the domain name wazobiaking.cash was registered on the 18th of May, 2020.

The parent company, Wazobia Investment Ltd has been existing for a few years now, and they have no negative tags to their names.

Who Owns Wazobia Cash?

The name of the registrant of the domain name wasn't displayed on the platform, but it is powered by a parent company, the Wazobia Investment Ltd.

You can however contact support if you want to make more inquiries on the scheme.


After withdrawal, you will be required to make and publish a testimonial to your Facebook and Instagram pages.

This will help you advertise the scheme more, and you earn from referrals.

The more people you earn, the more your bonuses and there are levels for different number of referrals.

Either ways, make sure you read the websites terms of services very well and agree to them before joining.

You can search Wazobia Investment review to check what other people have to say, and the final decision is left to you.

Thanks a lot for reading along.

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