Who Are The Benefit Boys, And Why Are They Trending? Read FULL Update

August 07, 2020

Who Are The Benefit Boys, And Why Are They Trending? Read FULL Update
Sometime last week or maybe two weeks ago (I can't tell for exact), the term Benefit Boys started trending all over the internet.
From my WhatsApp stories with less than 2,000 contacts to the Twitter, Facebook and even Nairaland, everyone is all about what the benefit boys did and what they didn't.

Well, how do the benefit boys make their money?

Without wasting much time, I don't know whether the benefit boys something is plain drama or so, and I don't even care much.
Whether in the drama or reality, the boys are secondary school students who made their money through the Yahoo-Yahoo and internet fraud something during the lockdown, and are back to intimidate their school students and staff.

They come to school in cars, iPhones, earrings, chains and any other things that would show that they are on soft!
The boys were also spotted in a car with their teacher, who requested that they drop him off at Ikorodo, while they kept talking about how the teacher used to flog them.

I've also come across memes like asking the principal to call an aboki to clean their own portion of grass, while they pay the fees and doing giveaways during assembly with principal winning... Lol!
That actually cracked me up.

What Is Benefits?

According to a Naijaloaded.com, “benefits” refers to the money being paid to the unemployed people in the United States of America.
Some other sources say that it also refers to the relief fund for the citizens for Covid-19.
Probably some of these youngsters siphoned it, and upgraded their lives on the resumption of schools.

The funds are moved through Cashapp or any other ways of receiving money from the United States, and spent lavishly in the country.

According to a disclaimer on their official Instagram page @blackandwhitecomedy60, the whole concept was for fun, and there are actually no internet scam involved!
While we will make more efforts to update this article with more correct information, the provided ones are from other blogs and web sources.

What do you think?
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