How To Get Free 10GB Worth Of Data In MTN Nigeria

August 15, 2020

How To Get Free 10GB Worth Of Data In MTN Nigeria
Top telecommunication company in Nigeria, MTN is giving away free 10GB worth of data.
This is specifically for customers who upgrade their SIM cards to 4G.
It used to be 4GB, and they have increased it now (maybe you should start regretting if you've already moved...Lol).

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Now, aside migrating for the free 10GB, you also get access to a faster internet, and of course better streaming and total internet experiences.

How Can You Upgrade Your MTN SIM To 4G?

Upgrading your MTN SIM to 4G is free.
All you need to do is visit an MTN shop with your SIM pack, old MTN SIM and a valid ID card.
If you don't have the SIM pack with you, you will be left with the option of swearing a court affidavit as a proof of ownership.

Once the upgrade to 4G is successful, sms 4G to 131 and you'll receive your own free 10GB data.
You can use it to make downloads, stream videos and surf the internet.
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