Were DSTV And GoTV Hacked By Anonymous? See What Actually Happened

October 18, 2020

Were DSTV And GoTV Really Hacked By Anonymous? Read This Now!

DSTV is currently trending number 2 on Twitter, with over 37,000 tweets as well as on other social media platforms. According to reports, the entertainment company has been hacked, and all the channels are currently free.

Going further, some users accredited the feat to Anonymous, a group of people (it just can't be one person) who has been tampering with Nigerian websites for sometime now.
As a way of fighting for Nigerians in the EndSARS goal, Anonymous has taken down a good number of key websites, including government websites and even a major bank.
Well, it is currently unofficial, and we can't tell for exact whether DSTV and GoTv have been hacked.

However, we know Anonymous for announcing anytime they hack something, whether it be a social media handle and so we'd be expecting to hear from them soon, if they are actually involved.
Till then, we can all the all channels a kind of bug, or error, or even someone, somewhere trying to put a smile on the people's faces again!

UPDATE: DSTV and GoTV were not hacked, Multichoice is doing an upgrade! Enjoy the free channels while the offers last.

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