‘I Will Kill You In 72 Hours’ - Man Kills Bank Manager For Sleeping With His Wife

October 20, 2020

'I Will Kill You In 72 Hours' - Man Kills Bank Manager Who Slept With His Wife

A manager of the Housing Fiance Bank, Ivan Kituuka has been led to the cold hands of death after he was caught with another person's wife. The victim, who according to reports had been warned by Mr. Ssozi to stay away from his wife didn't give heed to instructions.
Mr. Ssozi stated it openly that he will send his boys to make do with the man, and he sent the petition to the government.

In a video which was posted to Twitter by GHGossip, the man was shot dead, and we could hear several shots from the background, though the faces of the assailants weren't shown!
What a world.

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