Opinion: Why Are People In These Professions Always Very Rude?

November 23, 2020

Opinion: Why Are People In These Professions Always Very Rude?

This is not to discriminate against any professions, or maybe talk bad about them, but seriously some people are very rude in their jobs. Honestly, if you don't like your job, why not sign out and do something you'd be in love with and of course, act nicer?

I know someone might be thinking it has to do with personalities, but I'm yet to see a rude receptionist. If the same people who seat as receptionists are to be taken to the hospitals to act as nurses or possibly, cleaners, then 'their real colours' would be blaring to the frustration of their patients.

Now my question is, why are some professionals always rude? Does it have to do with frustration in work, or tiredness, or possibly they're getting underpaid?

- Nurses

If you've been to the hospitals, you'll agree with me that nurses are not the angels they're portrayed to be in Hollywood movies (I'm sorry it might sound rude).
They can be watching Zee World with the TV in the reception, while a patient will be dying in pains and waiting to be attended to.
The worst hits are the pregnant women, especially when they're about to deliver. These people are used to seeing people in similar pains and do not bother giving you the special attention you need again, and oh, they make the worst statements you can think of, when it comes to being offensive.

- Doctors

Someone said that doctors are always rude because they do the work and pastors receive the credit... haha! But seriously, are they so used to pains that they can comfortably be scrolling through Facebook while a patient is needing urgent attention?

I don't think it's fair enough, though!

- Lecturers

A lecturer once told us that he's teaching on credit, and so we're not expected to learn... haha! Not my fault though, I wish I could afford a private university or possibly, fly abroad.

If you attended a Nigerian university, you'll understand what I'm talking about. They will tell you that A is for God, B is for him and the wise students (possibly people who sort), C is for the serious student and the rest can share the remaining.
How else can a human me mean?

- Bank Customer Care

You rush into the bank to report that the ATM swallowed your machine only to meet a slay queen with Nkechi XYZ strapped to her suit and a beautiful suits, and of course, glasses.
'Maam I...' kindly join the queue please! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to skip the lines but at least, hear me out!
This is why I prefer taking my complaints to Twitter where there are amazing staff willing to give you the royal attendance you need!

I don't know why, but in your opinions why are these people always rude?
Which professionals did I miss? You can also add them up.

Image source is Nairaland post of related topic, and was only used for illustrative purposes!

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