NIN SIM Registration: How To Retrieve Your NIN And Link It To Your Number Online

December 19, 2020

NIN SIM Registration: How To Retrieve Your NIN And Link It To Your Number Online

In a bid to tighten the security of the nation for our own good, the government has passed a law that all phone numbers MUST be linked to your NIN. Otherwise the National Identity Number, the NIN is a unique code that is an eleven (most times) digit unique number that is given to you when you register for your national ID card.
With this, registering a SIM when you're not a Nigerian, and when you are not up to eighteen might be difficult, except they bring an alternative.

This post therefore is for people who already have their NINs, and (or) maybe are not currently with it, like me.
Mine is a few kilometers away from me and going to get it would cost me transportation and of course, stress.

How To Retrieve Your NIN Online

Retrieving your NIN via the USSD code is very easy, all you need to do it;
• Dial *346#
• Select the “NIN Retrieval” option, by typing in ‘1’ to check your NIN number if you dialed this code from the phone number you used when registering for your NIN.
• Select “NIN Search” by typing in ‘2’, to check your NIN by inputting some of your registration details if you’ve lost your phone number or using another phone.

That's all!
It'll cost you only ₦20 from your airtime balance, and the NIN will appear.

How To Link The NIN To Your Phone Number

After retrieving it, the next step is to link it.
• Dial *121*1#

You'll see the options to enter your NIN.
Sometimes, like in my case I had to try several times before it went through. You'll get an SMS confirming that it has gone through, and that you'll be texted again once it is verified successfully.
NB: This step has been confirmed to work on Airtel Nigeria. If you use MTN, 9Mobile or Glo, try it and drop us your comments.
If it doesn't work I'll publish articles on how to link the other networks.

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