Officers Gun Down 21-Year-Old Kenyan Man For Assaulting Police

December 19, 2020

Officers Gun Down 21-Year-Old Kenyan Man For Assaulting Police

The officers have gunned down a 21-year-old Kenyan man for assaulting the Police at the Majengo Bus Station in Nairobi on Friday, 18th of December. The case was reported to Shauri Moyo Police Station on the same day at 11 am under OBNO 30 of18/12/2020. 

According to the reports, the Police officer was on foot patrol when he met the young man, armed with a pen knife attacked him.

The assaulted police was reportedly controlling traffic flow along the Majengo Road, Nairobi when the incidence happened.

"He punched the officer on the neck from behind. The officer turned around and using a baton, he restrained the stranger to stop him from attacking him further.

The man, identified as Atony Yonga instead fished out the pen knife he was armed with and attempted to stab the officer, according to his colleagues.
A plain cloth detective who was passing by tried to help the officer and arrest the stranger, but he resisted and was shot dead.

Senior police officers and Directorate of Criminal Investigation sleuths visited the scene and processed it before transferring the body to City Mortuary. 
A government pathologist was also ordered to conduct a postmortem on the deceased. 

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