Silhouette Challenge: What Does It Mean, And How Can You Make Your Own Video?

January 29, 2021

Silhouette Challenge: What Does It Mean, And How Can You Make Your Own Video?
The Silhouette Challenge started trending on Twitter less than 2 days ago, and of course we ran off to Twitter to join the challenge.
I mean, we didn't really watch the videos, we just helped them get more views... haha!

I was personally trying to get what the challenge was about and boom, Airtel texted that I had ran out of data (so bad!)...
Well, I subscribed and resumed from the one I was watching, no one will spoil my cruise this 2020.

Now What Is The Silhouette Challenge All About?

It is a challenge where people, mostly females start off videos dancing to Paul Anka's 1959 song, Put Your Head on My Shoulder.
They eventually make a switch like in the previous Buss It Challenge and change the light in the room to something reddish, while changing their clothes or some removing it completely.
You can barely see anything as it is masked in the red color, and there are lots of the video on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and even WhatsApp TV.

No one knows exactly who started the challenge, but we just started seeing it and it was even trending number 1 on Nigeria's Twitter. OMO!

How Can You Remove The Red Light In The Silhouette Challenge

Haha! You must be a bad somebori for trying to remove the light, bruh!
Some of the videos can be made more visible by changing the video's color to black and white, and I think you should download Inshot.
It's a perfect app, or go for any other video editing applications you find interesting.

We're all here to catch cruise abi?

How To Join The Silhouette Challenge

Now that you've known that removing the light is possible, do you still want to join?
Maybe you should arrange seats for a family meeting incase things go south... hehe! (I don't pray though, sis)
There are three major ways:-

• Snapchat

There's a Snapchat filter called Vin Rouge, and it works like magic. Maybe the main challenge originated from the app even, who knows? Only the first 
You can use it to add the effects and of course, don't forget to tag me when you publish.

• Editing applications

If you have a good video editing application, you can find a way to tweak things around.
Some recommendations are Inshot (for mobile phones) and Adobe Premier Pro (for Windows).

• Red light

This is the ultimate! If you can get red light, you can even earn good money from people coming to join the challenge in your place.
I don't know anyone who has cashed out from it, but everything is possible.

Remember to tag me when you drop, and don't forget to share this post to your friends and drop your comments.

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