Social Media Expert Reveals Why Tunde Ednut’s Instagram Page Was Banned Again

January 14, 2021

Social Media Expert Reveals Why Tunde Ednut’s Instagram Page Was Banned Again

Nigerian popular social media influencer and musician, Tunde Ednut lost his Instagram page of over 2 million followers earlier. He came back to Instagram and got a million followers in less than 2 days, and the account was taken down again.
Now, a lot of fans have been wondering why Instagram took down the popular star's account, and I'm here to give some possible reasons.
First, don't assume that it has something to do with Karma. He has issues with Mr Macaroni who had given him shoutouts, as well as Speed Darlington, who is his close friend and also based in the United States of America.

Here are some possible reasons why Tunde lost his personal page, again;

- Automated actions: It could be that when he started using Instagram, he bought fake followers.
He alone possibly knows this, and people buy fake followers so when the real ones start coming, they think you're already established.
However, the bots might also take it to the other angle and you see yourself getting hit/
- Too much ads: Instagram frowns at celebrities and popular accounts advertising things for people.
This is their own source of income, and when people who should come to advertise through them start going to the influencers, it means business losses.
Tunde was already getting ads on his new account, and this can also account to the reason why it was taken down.
- Very active: No thanks to Yahoo boys and other people who bomb the platform, Instagram bots assume taking several actions, whether following, unfollowing, messaging, commenting or even replying to comments at a time is a red sign, and can take you down.
When Tunde launched the account, he could have taken things a step at a time and it might save the day.
- IP address: Tunde Ednut might have been using the same device he was using to login to the former account to work on this.
The bots are still much active, and possibly might have hit him again.
- Reports: Tunde Ednut is not one of the most polite celebrities, and is always getting into fights with entertainers and even fans.
Maybe he got reported and Instagram considered things and eventually took the account down.

Which ever reasons, I think he should move to a personal blog or even leverage on more stable platforms like Facebook and Twitter to build his career.
Those ones rarely get banned, and are good in their own ways!

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