Opinion: Government Made A ‘Huge’ Mistake Arresting Prophet Onyeze Jesus, Today

January 27, 2021

Opinion: Government Made A ‘Huge’ Mistake Arresting Prophet Onyeze Jesus, Today

The name Prophet Onyeze Jesus would ring a bell in the ears of almost everyone, especially the Igbos. A self-acclaimed man of God, he is popular for his weird ways of making prayers for his followers.
You can read up Prophet Onye Eze's biography, education, family and more things you'd love to know about him.
A former bus conductor in his early 30s, who didn't study past Primary Six, he has grown to be one of the most mentioned names in the Nigerian internet, in the past few weeks.
Well, thanks to his viral videos!

Onyebuchi Okocha better known as Onyeeze Jesus is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Children of Light Anointing Ministries, Nkpor, Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State.
He went viral after he made videos of himself praying for people (who we cannot tell of whether they're Yahoo boys or his followers) in a river.
In the subsequent weeks, he made videos in the same river surrounding and in one, he was spraying Naira notes on people (males and females) who were not putting on clothes.
He also made a video with people holding rams for ritual purposes.

Claims To Raise The Dead

As a way of clearing his speedily-spoiling name, as well as get more popularity, Prophet Onyeeze Jesus released a news that he was going to raise up the dead on the 28th of January, 2020.
This is coming up after series of other ministers have tagged him false, and he even alleged in one of his videos that assassins were sent to him, and he will keep defeating because he is from God.
Nigerians stood with arms folded, waiting for the great day and of course, some others hoping their relatives will be the lucky ones to get a taste of life, again.
Then the bad news...
It seems we got more than we expected to hear when we woke up 28th morning to hear that our Prophet Onyeze Jesus had been arrested!
OMG! He was arrested on the 27th of January, 2020 and would be arraigned for various offences.
Hospitals were also warned against letting him visit for his so-called life restoration schemes and it seems like we would be off the cinema, for a while!

Government's Mistake

Arresting Prophet Onyeze Jesus is cool, of course since you can pin a few offences to his name.
However, arrests have always been making people popular from the creation days.
Naira Marley got a huge boost in his fame after he was arrested, and Kemi Olunloyo is still making claims revolving around her own arrest days.
If the government had waited until the 29th of January to arrest him, they would have given Nigerians the opportunity to watch a live cinematic movie and of course, he will loose a couple of fans the subsequent days if he fails to perform up to expectations.

He however would come out to hold onto his arrests as a way of saying the event would have gone on, and that is more than we bargained for.
The result? He would probably say that he is being persecuted, and have a rise in fans days to follow.
Maybe we should sit and watch the government and court deliver judgment, and maybe there should be a ban on his activities.
What do you think?

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