How To Remove Coffee, Smoking, Drinks And Other Stains From Your Teeth Permanently

January 06, 2021

How To Remove Coffee, Smoking, Drinks And Other Stains From Your Teeth Permanently

When it comes to being beautiful as a woman, or of course handsome, as a guy, your teeth is not something you're supposed to mess with.
A sparkling white set of teeth will go a long way into promoting you to your dream sweet boy status, and even ladies know it's not something they can mess with (by overlooking).
However, not all brown teeth were caused by our own carelessness, some people took medications when they were younger which took trolls on their teeth and some others, unhealthy lifestyles like smoking and tobacco consumptions affected them negatively.

Now, how can you help your teeth return back to their normal, sparking, white color?
There are two methods - meeting a dentist and trying home solutions.
We'd be elaborating on them.

- Meeting A Dentist

For ages, dentists have been popular for a lot of things, and cleaning the teeth is one of them.
A teeth cleaning session with a dentist will cost you anything from ₦40,000 to even more than ₦200,000, depending on the hospital you visit.
One of the reasons this is a good option is because the dentists have gathered experiences, and probably won't be practicing with your set.
However, there are a few disadvantages with this, and some of them include the fact that they are more expensive, and sometimes you can experience irritation of the teeth and similar stuff.

- Home Solutions

There are a lot of home solutions (not homemade) that have been proven to work over the years.
These solutions are very effective, and can be purchased online or offline for anything around ₦3,500 to ₦10,000, depending on the solution.
Some of them are effective, and some are not, depending on the user reviews.
I have personally used the Lanbena Tooth Whitener, and it worked very well for me (you can check it out HERE also).
It is very effective for removing stains from coffee, smoking, beverages and other things, as well as brown teeth due to personal neglect.

There are also a lot of other solutions, but I can only talk about something I've used.
You can search other online sources like Jumia, and purchase the ones you like.
Which teeth whitening solutions have you used? How effective were they? Drop us your comments and don't forget to share to your friends.

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