Social Media Wahala! Rundown On What Caused The Problems Between Bobrisky And James Brown

January 16, 2021

Social Media Wahala! Rundown On What Caused The Problems Between Bobrisky And James Brown

If you visited Twitter earlier this morning, you could have seen the name, James Brown trending no1 on the social networking platform. Of course, almost everyone will associate him with fellow popular crossdresser, Bobrisky.

Now, why was he trending early in the morning? And what caused the trouble in the camp?
Well, let's take you a bit back to 2018, when the name, James Brown first stormed the internet.

A young effeminate, popular probably, but you and I barely knew him was arrested by the Police on issues related to homosexuality, which is a criminal offence in the country.
He was videoed while speaking to some news men, and repeatedly stated that 'you didn't caught me', while explaining that there was no evidence against him for the said offence.
It didn't end there as the video found it's way to the internet and was making waves and eventually, Bobrisky reached out to him.

You know, that moment you find someone in the same industry as you, and on the limelight, and you want to make the news too, and already popular for doing giveaways.

“James I’m inspired by you darling cos you came out to tell the world wat u are going through. The day I saw your viral video I was so like who is dis strong guy. Now let me tell u darling….

Ask me anything I mean your heart desire I’m ready to support u. Let start from 100,000 cash first. Pls find ur way to my house tomorrow pls. I love u die f*ck haters let them keep running their mouth”.

Bob also promised to be paying James ₦200,000 every month to take care of his health, he was reportedly HIV positive.
Now, fastforward to 2020, Bobrisky has always been the one dominating the industry, and now they're more than two, and he might be feeling like he had a hand in pushing James to limelight.

December 2020, James Brown revealed that Bobrisky blocked him on Instagram because he didn't wish him a happy birthday, even though he did.
Bob had even earlier made posts stating that he was the biggest crossdresser, and remained unchallenged.

He was popular for warning women to hold their men, and now James is using the same clout format.
Oh wrong nau!
On the 15th of January, 2021, James Brown came online to say that Bobrisky threatened him about stealing his contents, and the next day, we woke to hear that his Instagram had been taken down.

How? A James Brown fan page said that they had emailed Instagram about recovering it, but what's the possibility?

He even released a video earlier today, saying that he lost respect for Bobrisky after he (BOB) let IG take down his account.

Now, what we don't know is the possibility of James returning to the gram with the same handle, as even Tunde Ednut and Speed Darlington lost accounts worth several thousands of followers this week alone.

Bobrisky and James Brown are two content creators I respect a lot, and I wonder why they can't coexist, and collaborate with each other.

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