Ric Hassani Reacts To NBC Banning His Hit Song, ‘Thunder Fire You’

February 27, 2021

Ric Hassani Reacts To NBC Banning His Hit Song, ‘Thunder Fire You’

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ric Hassani has reacted to the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation banning radio and TV channels from banning his song. The song, Thunder Fire You became a hit, thanks to its deep messages and lyrics.
Taking to his Twitter handle, the 32 years old artist retweeted a number of tweets concerning the ban, which is currently trending number one on the platform.
He tweeted thanking his fans for standing behind him;
Thank you guys for really falling behind me, my team and I are thankful. It’s all organic so we know it’s real love and real support, we appreciate. Thank you guys.
And made another tweet, thanking the NBC.
Thank you NBC, Thank You Nigeria. 

Keep streaming ‘Thunder Fire You’, keep streaming the album, ‘The Prince I Became’. 


The ban pushed the album to become the second on the Apple Music chat, second to Wizkid's Made In Lagos.
It no doubt is a blessing in disguise for him, and we hope the body look into it and possible adjust the ban.

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