- A New Way To Access Your Racksterli Dashboard

March 13, 2021 - A New Way To Access Your Racksterli Dashboard

With over 300,000 subscribers currently, Racksterli is no doubt one of the most popular investment platforms and maybe that explains why it was on the top of the trends over the past 6 days. The website was going through a major upgrade, and the CEO, Blackgold made several Instagram broadcasts updating subscribers and investors of the situation of things.
Now, Nigerians have been hit by other investment platforms and Ponzi schemes in the past, from MMM to FXFarms and the rest, and no doubt are right if they begin to feel it's another investment gone wrong.
However, at times it's better you calm down, and see things through another perspective.
The CEO of the platform, unlike the rest is not anonymous, and has been giving live updates from time to time.
Why would someone who wants to fold up waste his time doing that?
A lot of people who have read my previous articles ( and reached out to my on Whatsapp and email, asking for updates. - We finally have an update...

Well, I'm grateful things are about to return to the normal!
First, I am not a Racksterli staff! I'm just a Rackstar (subscriber) like you, and I'm only updating you on the information available to the public.
A new platform has been released, and you can now share your posts, refer people, earn and hit withdrawals.
- Visit and log in with your username and password, as usual
- Extra days have been given to cover for the losses you acquired by missing the other days, so if you were supposed to withdraw today and missed all through the 6 days of the upgrade, you will get to share for 6 more days
- If your withdrawal day reaches, give yourself more 6 days of sharing posts, so you don't loose out on your earnings

The withdrawal button will turn green, and the CEO announced that they have devised a way of paying hundreds of people with just a tap of a button.
Amazing right? What do you think?
Share this post to your friends, families and downlines, and let's continue to earn together.
If you're yet to sign up, you can also contact me for help!

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