Anambra Airport Won't Improve Economy Of The State - Ejike Okpa

March 15, 2021

Anambra Airport Won't Improve Economy Of The State - Ejike Okpa

Nigerian born US Economic Development Specialist, Ejike Okpa, has queried the type of cargo airport the facility will become in the absence of enabling infrastructure. As commendable as the ‘cargo’ airport under construction in Anambra state may seem, it will not change the real economy of the state.

The Harvard alumnus insists the project is “impressive by local standards,” but will not improve the economic development standing of Anambra state.


'It is it not a cargo airport but an airport that can handle cargo.

'There are no logistics and transportation infrastructure of rail and highway leading to the airport.

'Pouring concrete and having a single runway with limited aprons and taxiways typically for single landings and take-offs, hardly qualifies an airport as cargo.

'Impressive project nonetheless but it will not add to overall IGR of Anambra significantly.

'Airports in Nigeria whether general aviation which all of them are, do not contribute significantly to GDP. They are often government owned and supported annually with budgets.

'In US, local authorities own Airports as single authority entities on self-supporting business model – no budget allocation from government. Were Airports in Nigeria running on such model, they will go bankrupt.

'Anambra airport will not report one million passengers count annually nor will jumbo cargo planes land there.

'What cargo will be coming thru the airport?

'There will not be bonded warehouses at Anambra Airport which calls for customs and immigration controls.

'FYI, I was consultant to DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) International Airport on real estate relating to warehouse logistics on non-aviation land. I hope you know the difference.

'The economic impact of DFW International Airport occupying 18,000 acres with tens of millions in annual passenger counts, is more than $30B.

'And their single highest source of revenue is not what you think.

'Just chiming in on such project – Impressive by local standards but hardly a boost for Anambra state economic development standing.'


Economic Development Specialist. 

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