Crime: Nigerian Bride Fakes Kidnap To Evade Marriage

March 18, 2021

Crime: Nigerian Bride Fakes Kidnap To Evade Marriage

A Kano bride who faked her abduction because she did not want her wedding to take place has opened up on why she took the action. It was previously reported that Amina Gwani Danzarga was abducted 48 hours before her wedding, while she was returning from Dorayi’s quarters, where she went to leave her exam card.

The young lady further revealed that she highly respects her parents, which is why she was unable to inform them of her sudden change of mind about her suitor.

I don’t love the guy, that is why I took that decision… Although I was the one that showed him to my parents,” Danzarga said.

Amina, who blamed the act on the devil and also apologized to her parents and her future husband, added that she now loves her future husband more than before and is ready to live with him in peace for him. rest of his life.

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