Owerri Based Lawyer Explains Why Rochas Okorocha Is Richer Than Imo State

March 17, 2021

Owerri Based Lawyer Explains Why Rochas Okorocha Is Richer Than Imo State

Obidike Nwagwu Esq, an Owerri-based legal practitioner has reacted to the widely criticized video of former Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, bragging about how he is richer than Imo State. While speaking with MaaziTV correspondent, Mercy Anaele in Owerri, Nwagwu said; “Of course, Rochas Okorocha is richer than Imo State. Why won’t he be? Let’s start from the bailout fund, where over N27bn was released and till date, he has not been able to give proper account to Imo people of the whereabouts of the money, or what it was used for. Have you read the ICPC report on their investigation into the money as it concerns Imo State? You’re in the media, look it up. I think Vanguard or so has it.

We even heard a part of the money got missing in Uche Nwosu’s house, when the publisher of Watchdog Newspaper, Nwadike was arrested for that matter. I think they later hushed the matter, but we still remember it.

What about the Paris Club refund? If you don’t know, it was Udenwa (former Governor Achike Udenwa) and Ohakim (former Governor Ikedi Ohakim), that contributed that money. They didn’t have enough to work with during their tenure, because their allocations were deducted to pay that money. Okorocha became the beneficiary of the refund. Can you show me where he gave an explanation about what happened to the money?

So why won’t he be richer than Imo State? What about the over N50bn pension fund? For eight years pensioners weren’t paid. Where is the money? Over N50bn. Where is it?

Come to civil servants, my wife is a civil servant. No overtime, no leave allowance, their salaries were skimmed from the top, where did all that money go to? Imagine if Imo workforce is N20,000 and you skim N5000 in these allowances and salaries from them every month. We are talking about N100million monthly my sister. Imagine how much we are talking about for eight years. Do the Math. So why won’t he be richer than Imo State?

We haven’t even talked about the N2bn per hospital he collected. N54bn to build hospitals and till date no such hospital exists in Imo State. He told the world that he build world-class hospitals, lies. Why did he have to fly his son-in-law abroad for treatment, if he built world-class hospitals in Imo State? I will send you some pictures of those so-called hospitals before you go.

Have you been following the proceedings over the award of contracts in Imo State? When you hear the figures there, you will understand why Rochas Okorocha is richer than Imo State.

Forget the lies of 2011. That was a year of lies. Dangerous lies that landed Imo State in trouble today. We know Okorocha’s financial position then. He knows.

In fact, I am becoming uncomfortable with the way Senator Hope Uzodinma is going. Till now he is still struggling with Okorocha over one property. Have you see the 281 page report from the Judicial Panel of Enquiry on land? There are hundreds of cases. If Uzodinma is taking so much time fighting over just Royal Spring Hotel of Okorocha’s wife, when will he get to others? He may not be able to recover much by the time he leaves office, let alone find out what happened to the bailout and Paris money.

With the situation in the country today, Imo has no money. Uzodinma is owing pensioners and dodging payment with excuse of verification, something Ihedioha (former Governor Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha) finished for him. Uzodinma doesn’t have money to pay. There is no money. So why then won’t Okorocha, with everything I’ve listed, not be richer than Imo State?

In the video, Sen Rochas Okorocha was spotted with his son-in-law, Uche Nwosu and Hon. Daniel Nwafor, the former Imo State chairman of the APC in what appeared like an APC meeting.

We don't know exactly when the video was recorded, but it was uploaded to the Maazi TV YouTube channel on February 10, 2021.

News source: maazi.online

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