Sen Araraume Tackles Uzodinma's Government, Challenges Him To Point Out His Achievements

March 17, 2021

Sen Araraume Tackles Uzodinma's Government, Challenges Him To Point Out His Achievements

It appears Senator Ifeanyi Araraume has joined the league of political leaders in Imo State displeased with the manner governor Hope Uzodinma is going about his administration in the State.

The two-time senator who represented the Okigwe zone expressed his views on the Uzodinma-lead government in a video that has been making rounds online.

In recent time, plethora of criticisms has been trailing Uzodinma’s style of administration.

The complaints reached a climax when agents of the state government clashed with former governor Rochas Okorocha which sparked off verbal hostilities.

As Senator Hope Uzodinma marks his one year in office with commissioning of projects, Araraume who also ran for the governorship position in the 2019 election under APGA, before rejoining APC, took a swipe on the governor over certain oddities he alleged are noticeable since the later assumed seat.

In an interview supposedly granted to a Television Station, Araraume expressed regret that what is being celebrated doesn’t deserve a mention.

According to the former APP state chairman, “If a Governor goes to commission 200 kilometres that are built for my community, I build kilometres of road, and governor goes to commission 500 meters and it is celebrated, a week after the road is gone, it is a shame, we shouldn’t have that in Imo State. And let him point out what he has done. Go to Benue State and see what the governor is doing, go to Kaduna State, and see what governor is doing, go to Ebonyi State and see what governor is doing, see what the governors are doing.

They talk less and they do more and people appreciate what they do. People speak for the governor, it is not you, you don’t speak for yourself, it is your project, the people will speak for you.

How do they speak for you when pensioners will be flogged, how do they speak for you when a legislator will be locked up, how do they speak for you?

Therefore the governor, this is APC state, we are ready and willing to work with the governor but the governor must change his style, we are not his house boys and we will never be his house boys. The governor cannot employ me, he knows. In this state I contested for senate in 1999, I won, in this same state.

I was a state chairman of a party, I don’t know where he was.

Therefore the fact that he is a governor does not mean that they are no other leaders.

In this state, they are other leaders and he should respect those leaders. There must be a reciprocity”.

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