Imo APGA Slams Rochas Okorocha’s Over Claims Of Being Poorer After Being Governor

May 19, 2021

Imo APGA Slams Rochas Okorocha’s Over Claims Of Being Poorer After Being Governor

The Imo State Chapter of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) have slammed Senator Rochas Okorocha, over comments he made on Channels TV recently, where he claimed he was poorer, after becoming Imo governor. The party’s reaction, made by its Director of Media, Comrade CHILAGOROM Ifeanyi, and made available to Verbatim News, reads as follows:


…As Senator Rochas Okorocha Cannot Stop Being Unappreciative To God And Fooling Ndi Imo For Making Him Governor

After listening to former Imo Governor – Senator Rochas Okorocha on Channels television yesterday evening, I sincerely believe that most selfish and desperate politicians in Nigeria have no shame, moral and conscience. As a matter of fact, Senator Okorocha is suffering from verbal diarrhea. Like other well-meaning and progressive Imolites and Nigerians, I was very upset yesterday evening after listening to the rants and lies of this political leper. As a matter of fact, the effects of Okorocha’s political leprosy on Imo State cannot be overemphasized. Can any serious and reasonable person politically trust Senator Rochas Okorocha again?

If becoming Imo Governor made Senator Okorocha to be poorer as he said, he would not have greedily, selfishly and desperately wished to force his son in-law to succeed him. I am surprise most times, how some of these selfish and desperate political buccaneers/bandits talk in public. And I ask: Where exactly are their conscience and morals? They have all lost morality due to greediness and selfish interest.

If it is in a civilized and sane society where rule of law is working, Senator Okorocha would have been cooling in Kuje or Kiri-kiri prison where his counterparts are by now. But it is very unfortunate we are in a decayed system, where political lepers and bandits are celebrated and protected; while the masses die daily of hunger and hardship. A political leper like Senator Okorocha should not even be seen as a public figure, if it is in a sane clime. But Nigeria remains a jungle where the political buccaneers and bandits are celebrated and protected upon theirs crimes; while the poor masses are maltreated and not even regarded.

It is very unfortunate that after mortgaging Imo State, Senator Okorocha is still proud to be featured on public media platforms where he continues to show the world that he lacks conscience, shame and morals.

Before 2011 when Okorocha became Imo Governor, Uche Nwosu was an ordinary applicant like other Imo youths. Which means he was poor. From being Okorocha’s Commissioner, to a son in-law and then, promoted to Chief of Staff, Uche Nwosu who was just an applicant like other Imo graduates, automatically turned a multi billionaire within the eight years of Okorocha’s government. Is this not a wonderful miracle? Then, why would Okorocha try to make Uche Nwosu poorer by wishing to desperately force him into Imo Douglas House as his successor? Does it mean he does not love Uche Nwosu as he does not love himself by being Imo Governor? This is quite incongruous and hilarious.

Whenever I listen to this desperate and selfish man, I ask myself where his conscience and shame are. Well, was it is not same Okorocha who said: “It is better to be a criminal/armed robber than to smoke Indian hemp.” This shows the corruption in him. As a matter of fact, “a leopard never changes its spots.” The smell of a shrew remains in its bone. There is no greater fraud than a promise not kept. The effects of Okorocha’s political leprosy on Imo State cannot be overemphasized.

But as a good christian, I pray God Almighty to arrest and forgive him. The evil that men do, lives with them.

Comrade CHILAGOROM Ifeanyi

DG, Imo APGA Media

[email protected]

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