Nigeria Student Sentenced To 27yrs Imprisonment For Killing His Fellow Nigerian Roommate Over A Girl

May 14, 2021

Nigeria Student Sentenced To 27yrs Imprisonment For Killing His Fellow Nigerian Roommate Over A Girl

Christopher Ezeh, a Nigerian student studying in Cyprus has been sentenced to 27 years imprisonment for killing his roommate. According to the information reaching us, Ezeh reportedly killed his fellow Nigerian Walshak Augustine Ngok following a misunderstanding they both had over a girl.

The judicial process into the murder of the deceased who was murdered in April 2019, in Northern Cyprus, has been completed and judgment delivered at the Lefkosa High Criminal Court on Monday, May 10, 2021.

The culprit, Christopher Ezeh, was sentenced to 27 years, while Wayne Moyo, a Zimbabwean and Nana Nkansah, a Ghanaian, who helped transport the body, were sentenced to three years each.

Walshak Ngok, 25, was found dead in a forest area in Haspolat – Tashkent highway on Friday, April 19, 2019.

An autopsy carried out by the police showed that he died from head trauma and suffocation. Twelve people including 11 males and 1 female were later arrested in connection with the incident in two separate operations carried out on Sunday, April 21, 2019.

Christopher Ezeh, who was a roommate to the victim, confessed to killing Augustine after a row and taking his body to a forest area.

According to a report at the time of the incident, on the day of the incident, it was learnt that the suspect and the victim who both took alcohol were in the company with some friends in a restaurant in Girne eating when the trouble started due to issues over a girl.

Some of their friends who were there tried to broker peace between them before police arrived at the scene. The two were said to have continued fighting when they later got home.

Christopher reportedly beat Walshak Augustine severely which made him unconscious. He then dragged him down the stairs of the apartment where he continued to beat a helpless Augustine.  

When he noticed that his victim was no longer breathing, he decided to take him to the forest area and dumped him at the entrance instead of going to the hospital.

The other suspects confessed that they could not prevent the accused due to the severity of his anger.

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