Unknown Gunmen: Gov Uzodinma Engage Aides To Appeal For Help From PDP, Ihedioha

May 29, 2021

Gov Uzodinma Engage Aides To Appeal For Help From PDP, Ihedioha

The information reaching Browse.ng is that Sen. Hope Uzodinma may have engaged some of his aides, including hired ones from the Okorocha’s camp to appeal for help and advice from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state and the party’s leader, the Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha. According to a report by maazi.online, the latest move is in his quest to search for a solution to tackle the Unknown Gunmen as the steam seems to be getting hotter for the ruling APC government.

Sources who were present at the meeting confined to maazi.online that the aides grumbled on how difficult and embarrassing it would be to openly seek help from the PDP and the former Speaker of the House of Representatives.

He said it was at that stage they agreed to contact a certain Ambrose Nwaogwugwu and another FCC Jones Onwuasoanya who are both notorious for peddling rumours and propaganda to help them reach out to the PDP and Ihedioha through coassion; a strategy the Office of the PDP State Youth Leader described as dead on Arrival.

It would be recalled that Nwaogwugwu and Onwuasoanya had since two days running demanding statements and contributions from the PDP and Ihedioha on the security situation in the State.

Both even requested the police to invite the former Imo governor for questioning; a style they assume would help them extract ideas and solutions from the concerned on how best to tackle insecurity in the troubled state.

In a statement however from the Youth Leader of the PDP, Comrade Greg Nwadike GOC weekend, he said their strategy was a wrong approach.

According to him, the governor, Sen. Hope Uzodinma should humble himself and invite stakeholders of the state and seek for help instead of trying to use intimidations, force, coassion and the “Ben Johnson’s way” to seek for help.

Source: Maazi.online

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