Crowwe Founder Adamu Garba States His 5 Crimes That Brought Him Enmity

June 15, 2021

Adamu Garba States His 5 Crimes That Brought Him Enmity

The Chief Executive Officer, IPI Group, Adamu Garba, has listed reasons six of the crimes that brought him enmity. Recall that the former presidential candidate has been at loggerheads with Twitter users after he called for the app to be banned from the country.

In what appeared like a twist of faith, his social networking app Crowwe, which he earlier promoted as an alternative to Twitter was reportedly taken down from the Google Playstore.

He stated that the app wasn't taken down by Google, rather, he requested that it be removed to prevent further download due to bugs.

Check out his post below:

''Even though it has no bearing on the reason for Crowwe removal from the store, we’ve received over a million requests that crowwe should be removed from playstore. My only crimes:

1. I support President Muhammadu Buhari, who is our President and I believe he genuinely love Nigeria like I do. So my support for him continues unceasingly.

2. My second crime is that I am a Fulani man and I will remain so forever and ever and will never deny who Gods make me, and I am

Proud to be one.

3. Third Crime is that my company build the first social networking application in not just Nigeria but Africa, apparently, it did not suit the narrative that above all else, it was the Fulani man’s company that build the app.

4. Fourth Crime is that I supported Nigeria against the blood-thirsty secessionist movement IPOB, who are hell bent on destruction of Nigeria’s institutions. Did you hear any attack on the South East again since my last interview? That was a big crime too.

5. Fifth Crime, I chose not to be hypocritical about my political views and my political stands on all issues affecting our common good and our commonwealth. Some people would rather want me to hate who I am just to gain acceptability from them. This is never gonna happen.

The fact is, I will continue to these paths, I have no regrets whatsoever and I assure you that we will continue to push for Crowwe’s success together with well-meaning Nigerians.

Since embarking on this project in 2017, I've faced many backlashes from within and outside our office. Some people, very close and dear to me deliberately crash the app from the hosted site and deleted everything because I trusted them with access, yet we let them go with their conscience, proceed ahead and now we’ve reached this stage. We are already used to challenges of rejection and envy.

We will therefore do our very best to give you one of the next platforms in the history of Africa, from Crowwe. I am sure you will be glad to be part of history together with us. Join us, stay with us, let’s do this together, Insha Allahu.''

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