10 Amazing Ways To Make Money Online As A Nigerian Student

July 04, 2021

10 Amazing Ways To Make Money Online As A Nigerian Student

Making money online as a student in Nigeria is one of the most interesting experiences. It even becomes much more interesting when actually earn in dollars, pounds or any other hard currencies, no thanks to our gradually-declining economy.
Now, I won't be making this article very lengthy, so I don't get you bored. We'll be going straight to the point.

What Do You Need To Make Money Online in Nigeria?

You do not need a lot of things, and they include:

- A computer and/or smartphone

In most cases, you need both of them, but if you have only one, we can get started.

- Internet access

You should never run out of internet, at least when you should be working.
Don't worry you'll be spending money that you actually made online.

- Capital

Some things like freelance writing don't need any capital, however if you're trying to go into something like crypto trading, then you might need to invest some of your money.

- Time

You'll spend so much time online when you finally discover that time is money! Lol, I can't emphasize so much on that.

How To Make Money Online As A Student

There are many ways of making money online as a Nigerian, but I'll be taking my 10 favourite methods.

- Blogging

Blogging is by far my most interesting way of making money online. It involves the creating and monetizing of a blog, and is actually one of the most interesting ways of making money online as a student.
You can read it up so I don't spend much time on this article.

- PayPal

There are two major ways of making money from PayPal, and I taught them in this article.
As we know, Nigerians are currently not allowed to use PayPal, and that alone helped me cash out over ₦174k in a month.
If you want to learn the huge secret, please visit this page.

- Youtubing

Youtubing simple means the making and uploading of video contents to YouTube.
It is very lucrative, and you can be cashing in over $500 per month doing just what you love.
There are several ways of monetizing your YouTube channel, from information marketing to Adsense and even affiliate marketing, the opportunities are endless.

- Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another very interesting way of making money online as a student.
All you need to do is sign up for any affiliate marketing websites, refer successful conversions and make your cool money.
I've made few hundreds of dollars from different affiliate marketing programs.

- Freelance writing

If you're a good writer, then you can consider diving into this. 
Freelance writing simply put is the writing of contents for blogs, individuals and businesses.
It is also another super amazing way of making money online.

- Cryptotrading

You can make a living from trading crypto currencies.
It involves studying of charts to predict and place trades so you can benefit when they either rise or fall.
Poor knowledge of trading before starting can cause you significant losses.

- Forex trading

Forex trading is also very similar to crypto trading, except that you trade on foreign currencies instead of cryptocurrencies.
It is also very risky, and you can consider patronizing free (YouTube and other) courses or of course, paid ones.

- Web development

If you can create websites, you can be making as much as ₦300k per month from it.
Personally, I'm into the business and each website I create makes me a profit of roughly ₦20,000.
If I can handle 20 in a month, you know how much that can be, and sometimes I bill clients actually higher.
You can contact me to learn web development one-on-one.

- Software development

You can be making huge money creating software for people.
This doesn't need much explanation, some software developers charge as much as ₦500k per app and of course, it's dependent on a lot of things.

- Information Marketing

This is another amazing way of making money online.
Any knowledge you feel people would be interested in, package it as a video, audio or even PDF course and sell.
I bought this tutorial for ₦5,000, and it has generated me over ₦170,000 in revenue, the power of information marketing.

There are several other ways of making money online as a Nigerian student, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.
Some are more difficult, and some are more lucrative. If you don't see something you can do here, then I'm afraid making money online might not be for you.
Which of these is your favourite? Where do you need help?
Drop us your comments and don't forget to drop your comments and share to your friends.

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