Open Letter To Abdulrasheed Bawa On The EFCC Stalled 2020 Recruitment

August 16, 2021

Open Letter To Abdulrasheed Bawa On The EFCC Stalled 2020 Recruitment


Our indefatigable Chairman,

We humbly appreciate you on the various laudable efforts at fighting and clamping down corruption in our society.

Your first 100days in office has been marked with lots of accolades and achievements accomplished owing to your unfettered creativity. Your approaches so far has been unprecedented and very commendable. This has been evidently proven by the proliferation of arrest made on cyber-criminals, fraudsters and politicians who embezzle the nation's wealth. Your relentless drive and idealistic approach to take the Commission to a greater height is conspicuously shown through the different campaigns and collaborations for the fight against corruption as well as the recent global positive news on corruption fight in Nigeria. 

Indeed, without mincing words, God has blessed the Commission with a maverick leadership personality and you are inevitably the best thing that has happened to the Commission. We can only pray for more minds like you across the nation.

Conversely, the laborious effort of the Commission we believe is still a scratch on the surface as cyber-criminals and other economy saboteurs are on the increase daily. This in turn has increased the pressure to cover more grounds so as to curtail this rapidly growing menace in our society. 

We believe that it is on this note that the last leadership saw the need to clamp down on this menace and thereby initiated a recruitment process in January 2020. The applicants were called for documentation, followed by a written test. The recruitment was however halted due to the breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic amidst the replacement for the former Chairman, Ibrahim Magu.

It would interest you to know that some of the applicants left as well as lost their jobs within the year (2020) while still having high hopes for the recruitment to continue. Joy filled our hearts when the news broke out about the selection of a young, brillant and pro-active officer "ABDULRASHEED BAWA" as the substantive Chairman. We did not only wish you well but also prayed along for the senate screening and a successful tenure. 

On the otherhand, we were also delighted that the long stalled recruitment process would continue, but to our surprise nothing has been done ever since you resumed Sir. The Commission has left its applicant in the dark and no communication has been made. 

I would also interest you to know that some Agencies and Commissions that started their recruitment about the same time the Commission did has either finalised their recruitment or are in the process of doing so.

We respectfully draw your attention to this and plead to your good office and the pro-active leader that you are to please see to the completion of the recruitment exercise as we are still hopeful applicants. We hope to hear from the Commission soon Sir. 

An opportunity to serve our Country.

Thank you in anticipation.


[email protected]

On behalf of January, 2020 applicants.

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