How To Download And Fund The eNaira Wallet App For Your Android And iPhone Devices

September 27, 2021

How To Download And Fund The eNaira Wallet App For Your Android And iPhone Devices

eNaira is here to stay, and Nigerians are making adjustments to follow the trends. The app will be launched on the 1st of October, 2021 (not coincidentally Independence Day) and we are all watching to see the packages unveil.

Now, we will be seeing a few things about the Central Bank of Nigeria's Development.

What Is The Value Of The 'eNaira Crypto'?

This is probably the most popular question. Explaining in the best way to a layman, the eNaira is a digital currency, and its value is pegged to the Naira. 
Just like the USDT, it doesn't necessarily rise like other cryptos, it's something we can better call a stable coin, if we were to find a name.

How Can You Download The eNaira Wallet?

To download your eNaira wallet, the steps are very simple:

- Visit the eNaira official website 
- At the top you'll see the link to download the app, or visit this link.
- You will see the links to download it for your App Store and Google Playstore.

That's all. I advise you use the official website to avoid getting cloned apps since this has to do with finances.

How To Fund The eNaira Wallet

You can fund the wallet directly from your bank account, or get other eNaira users to send you money.
Tokens will also be generated for transactions to prevent fraud.

Funds do not generate interest and can be transferred to users anywhere in the world.


The eNaira is a very welcome development and will be rolled out on the first of October. 

Thanks a lot for reading along.
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