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September 15, 2021

Khalid Biography

Khalid Suleiman Chibuikem (born August 22 2001), who is better known as Khaleed,  is a London-born Nigerian singer, songwriter and performing Artist.  Khaleed was born in Tottenham, UK, and raised in Benin city, Edo State, Nigeria. 

Khaleed began his career while in High school were he made his debut as a member of the music group TM World. He is currently studying International Law and diplomacy at Babcock University. 

Full name: Suleiman Khalid Chibuikem 
Stage Name: Khaleed 
Date of birth: 22nd August 2001
Age: 20 years
Nationality: Nigerian 
Education: Babcock university 
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Fashion curator 
Genres: Afrobeats, Afropopmusic 
Record label: Legendary Sound Entertainment 
Net worth: $75,000

In 2020 “Khaleed” released his first project Titled ''Energy'' an Ep of Five Tracks-''E sé'' , ''Odo'' , ''Choko'' , ''Tell you'' and ''Baby'' ,  He also released some singles ''Can't hear you'' , ''Jó'' , ''Maya'' , “Jeje”, “Oya Mogbe”and “Top Boy”.
That gained a lot of audience for him in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Khaleed currently signed a management deal with Legendary Sound Entertainment (L.S.E).

And in 2021 August 20th khaleed released his second single of the year titled “Top Boy” which was produced by Vicae and co produced by Brume.
Top Boy was written by Khalid Suleiman Chibuikem, Apelegan Olawole Emmanuel and Owhonda Chibueze Kel.

How Top Boy Was Made 

Top Boy is an Afrobeat music that talks about how I feel ,who I am and also what I stand for.
“Working on this single was live changing” — I met real people who came through for me in the production of this gem 💎.
“The plan was to talk about myself And I how feel”. 
The song embodies the English and Yoruba language with a slight addition of pidgin. This identities the African and Nigeria culture.  

  • Energy the Ep
  • Esé (2019)
  • Odo (2019)
  • Choko (2019)
  • Baby (2019)
  • Tell you (2019)

List of khaleed’s single 

  • Can’t hear you (2019)
  • Jó (2019)
  • Maya (2020)
  • Jeje (2020)
  • Oya Mogbe (2021)
  • Top Boy (2021)

Social Media Handles

You can connect with khaleed on:
Facebook - khaleedthefirst
Instagram @khaleedthefirst
Twitter @khaleedthefirst

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