Costco Business Center Canada - What Do You Need To Know?

October 24, 2021

Costco Business Center Canada - What Do You Need To Know?

Costco Business Center Canada, and what you need to know. An American multinational corporation, the Costco Wholesale Corporation is the fifth-largest retailer in the world.
They operate a chain of membership-only big-box retail stores.

With locations in several countries of the world like the United States, I will be answering a few questions related to the Costco Business Center Canada in this article.

Costco:- Taking Over The World, A City At A Time

While there are several tens of Costco warehouses all over countries like the United States and Canada, the business centres were introduced to fit specific business needs.

They made available thousands of products that are not available at the regular warehouses.
Also, their next day delivery option makes it possible for you to place orders, and receive them at your house or workplace exactly the next day.

How Many Costco Business Centers Are There In Canada?

There are currently over 90 Costco locations in Canada, with more than 10 million people holding Costco memberships.
The company reportedly also has plans to roll out more locations across the country, as demands increase.

You can find a Costco location in your city by visiting this link.

As for the business locations, they are still spreading, and you can find some in Ontario, Quebec and Ottawa.

What's The Difference Between Costco And Costco Business Center?

A Costco warehouse is designed in a different way from a Costco Business Center. The business centre stores are not open on Sundays and evenings.

They also open earlier than the regular Costco warehouses. The business centres offer better options to save, according to the official website.
You also have the opportunity to stock up on single-serving snacks and a larger selection of drinks.

Can I Use My Costco Card At Costco Business Center?

There are many benefits of a Costco business membership. You do not need a special membership to shop at the business centre, and your regular Costco card will do.

The majority of the products you'll find at their outlets include snacks and drinks, kitchen equipment, disposable serve ware, food storage containers and ice.

How Much Does A Costco Business Membership Cost?

There are three levels of membership available, and they include:-

  • The Executive Membership

The Costco Executive membership costs $120 per year and includes a $60 membership fee, plus a $60 upgrade fee.

It includes:-

  • a free household card
  • extra benefits on select Costco Travel products
  • annual 2% Reward on qualified Costco purchases

It is also valid on all Costco locations worldwide.

  • The Business Membership:-

The Costco Business Membership costs a $60 annual membership fee.


  • includes a free Household Card
  • is also valid at all Costco locations worldwide
  • can be purchased for resell
  • add affiliate cardholders for $60 each

The business members have to provide Costco with appropriate resale information as applicable.

  • The Gold Star Membership:-

The Costco Gold Star Membership costs a $60 annual membership fee.

It includes a free Household card and is also valid at all Costco locations worldwide.

From Mondays through to Fridays, the Executive level memberships allow you to enter the store an hour ahead of Gold members. Excluding that, the hours remain the same.

How To Get A Free Costco Membership

There are several legit ways to get a free Costco membership, and I'll drop a few here;

  • Buy Tires

Costco runs tire purchase rebate programs regularly, and you can be lucky enough to find yourself a good bargain.

  • Purchase any Kirkland Brand

The Kirkland brands are Costco’s private label that is sold exclusively at their outlets. The products are made by your regular brands, but somewhat cheaper at the stores.

  • Buy their gift cards

You can patronize Costco gift cards to help you make more savings on purchases. You can be able to save an average of between 25% to 35% on your purchases.

  • Purchase movie tickets

If you enjoy movies, then check out for tickets on any of their outlets. You can get to purchase movie tickets for anything less than $9, and that's far lesser than their regular costs.

  • Buy gas

Gas is generally cheaper at Costco, and you can use it to cut more on your savings.

  • Use the 'Instant' Costco coupons

While Costco is generally cheaper than other stores nationwide, using their coupons will help you save even more.

  • Leverage on their cashback rewards

If you are a regular customer, then you will have the opportunity to enjoy some cashback rewards and discounts.

Are Costco Memberships Worth It?

Honestly, there cannot be a general answer to this question. Deciding on whether the memberships are worth is is dependent on the individual(s) involved.

  • How often do you shop?
  • What do you buy?
  • Do you make bulk purchases?

There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself before making a choice.


There are a rising number of Costco Business Centers in Canada, and they are taking over the scenes - thanks to flexible shopping options and massive saving options.

What's your opinion on all these? You can drop your comments below.

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