Google Announces Moves To Make Android Apps For Cars Even Easier

October 24, 2021

Google Announces Moves To Make Android Apps For Cars Even Easier

Tech giant, Google has announced moves to make it easier for automobiles to be powered by the Android Automotive operating system. This will include the Android operating system, and all the built in Google apps that come with it, and over 10 vehicle models ranging from Volvo, GM, Renault to Polestar and more will be powered by it.
The company is working towards making it easier for software developers to bring their EV charging, navigation, parking and media apps directly to an automobile’s screen.

According to an announcement that was made by Google on Tuesday at its annual developer conference, it is extending its Android for Cars App Library.
This already is available as a part of Jetpack, and will be supporting Android Automotive operating system.
Now a major good news for developers is they can now be able to create apps which will be compatible with two independent, but overlapping operating systems, the Android OS and Android Auto.

They can also work on apps that will function seamlessly on different models of vehicles.
Speaking more on the development, Google announced that it is already working with Early Access Partners, including Flitsmeister, ChargePoint, SpotHero, Plugshare, Parkwhiz, Sygic and more to bring apps in the categories.

The Android Automotive OS however shouldn’t be confused with the Android Auto. Android Automotive OS is modeled after its open-source mobile operating system and runs on Linux, while the Android Auto is an application that runs on the user’s phone and communicates wirelessly with the vehicle’s infotainment system.
Android Automotive OS instead of running on tablets and smartphones was modified by Google so users can use it on their vehicles.

Automakers have worked with tech companies in recent times to develop software that can function effectively with Google solutions like Google Assistant, Google Maps and even the Google Play Store.
The Android for Cars App Library has been used by third-party developers like Spotify to create and publish their Android Auto apps to the Google Playstore and by doing this, developers won’t be needing to work more than once.
The Android Automotive OS was opened by Google two years ago to bring entertainment apps not limited to music into various infotainment systems.
An all-electric vehicle developed by Volvo, Polestar-2 was the first to adopt the system, and more including the Volvo XC40 Recharge have followed suite.
According to Google, there will be a form available to be filled by companies who are joining the early access program.

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