How To Make Money From Comedy In The United States

October 24, 2021

How To Make Money From Comedy In The United States

To make money from comedy in the United States, you need to understand your target audience first. Social networking platforms like TikTok are taking over the scene, and they are things you should never look over.

While you should also put your interest in YouTube, Facebook and the rest, the video resolution on these platforms differ from the ones being used on TikTok, Instagram Reels and the rest, and you should edit for mobile and pc users.
Additionally, their video lengths differ and shorter skits perform better than the longer ones when it comes to targeting video social media platforms.

How To Make A Living From Shooting Of Comedy Videos As An American

To make money from comedy in the United States, you need to understand your target audience.
How old are they? What are their major interests? Which products and services can I sell to them? When are they active the most?
Assuming you have put all these into consideration, and cooking quality content, then we go on.

  • Sponsored posts

It is one of the most interesting ways of making money as a comedy content creator. There are many social media influencers who are making a full living from brand-sponsored posts.

In this, a brand pays you to make a video, or simply a post about their product or service. The amount they pay differs, and depend on the number of followers you have or how engaging they are.
To make it easier for yourself, you can drop a website, email, phone number of even contact form on your bio.

  • Affiliate marketing

You can make money from comedy in the United States by referring people to purchase other people's products and services.
Take for instance, you can sign up for Amazon affiliate and refer people to purchase a pair of shoes you used in the making of a video. When they click and buy, you can earn anything from 2% to even 10% depending on the products and stores.

There are hundreds of web stores you can sign up for to earn yourself a decent income as a comedian.

  • Organizing of shows

If you have a decent and growing fan base, you can look into the organizing of shows. It might not even be all about you, and you can work with other comedians.

People will purchase tickets and get entertained. It is not a very easy deal for a beginner, but with a few attempts, you will grow with your lessons, and get bigger each time.

  • Endorsement deals

Brands can pay you to be the face of their companies for a certain time being. If you have good management, they can o around scouting for deals for you, while you focus on feeding your audience with content.

The amount you get paid for the deals depends on your audience and the brands in question.

  • Sales of products and service

You can make a living from your career offering services and selling goods and products. Even the biggest superstars like Rihanna and Justin Bieber own products, and the audience are a very good market.

Some of your fans would love to put on your branded t-shirts, and you can save yourself the stress by printing on demand. Services like offering shout-outs and growing of fan base also would be very great ideas.


No matter what you do online, it can be leveraged to create a career for you. While it wouldn't be so easy in the early years, remember if it were everyone would be doing them.

Work hard and consistently to feed your audience with quality contents, and watch them reward you in loyalty.

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