How To Withdraw Money From Wealthsimple In Canada

October 24, 2021

How To Withdraw Money From Wealthsimple In Canada

Wealthsimple Inc. is a Canadian internet-based investment management service. With its headquarters in Toronto, it was founded by Michael Katchen and as at August 2019 holds over C$5 billion in assets under management.

Introduction:- Brief Review Of The Wealthsimple Invest Platform

There are many articles on Wealthsimple’s review online, and I’m not going to stress on that here.
It has been in existence for over seven years now, and currently has three main offerings;

  • Wealthsimple Invest

The Wealthsimple Invest is mainly for novice investors, and recommends a portfolio of low-fee investments for the clients.

  • Wealthsimple Trade

This is mainly for people who want to lower the cost of their investments, while enjoying average leverage. There are limitations as well, and they vary with options.

  • Wealthsimple Cash

The Wealthsimple Cash offers a high interest rate with no minimum deposit. There are also no limitations to the number of transactions you can make, and absolutely no fees.

You can get more information concerning the charges and limitations from their official website and channels.

Now one of the major challenges people get from the platform is on the withdrawals of their funds, and that shouldn’t really have to be an issue.

How To Withdraw Your Money From Wealthsimple

Withdrawing your money from Wealthsimple Invest is as simple as putting it in, and we will be seeing how to;

  • Log in to your Wealthsimple Invest account using your browser, ie Chrome or Safari
  • Click on the Funding option at the top left of your profile
  • After that, select the middle tab Withdraw Funds
  • Select the account you would love to withdraw to and enter the amount
  • Click on Set withdrawal

That’s all!
Sometimes it will take up to 5 business days for the withdrawn funds to reflect in your bank account.
This is because of the regulatory requirements and the processes used by banking institutions, and the institution have stated that they are working together to hasten the processes..


The Wealthsimple Invest customer care is always there to help you, and there are a lot of reviews of the platform online you can patronize to guide you further.
Thanks a lot for reading along.
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