Here’s How You Will Stop Snakes From Entering Your Toilet

November 27, 2021

Here’s How You Will Stop Snakes From Entering Your Toilet

We are currently in the dry season, and it's not only humans who enjoy 'hunting' and taking strolls during this period.

Some of our greatest nightmares also find their way outside, and things can really get messy. 
Over the past few days, I have been seeing photos, videos and even memes and comedies related to snakes being in people's houses.
There have also been several cases of people being bitten to death by snakes in their toilet, and I have personally known someone who found one in his.
How can a snake come through your toilet? What will naturally repel snakes? What happens if you flush a snake down the toilet? These are some of the questions I will attend to in the course of the article.

Can snakes live in septic tanks?

Well, the answer is No! Snakes can't live in your septic tank because it is not conducive enough. They can however pitch their tents (pun intended) there, and return periodically.
Also, snakes can hold their breath for some time, but not too long. If your soak-away pits are open and they find their way into it, chances are they will want to explore other places and who knows? Things could really get messier.

The snakes that people see in their toilets can come in in different ways. Some come through open pipes, soak-away pits, under the toilet doors and so on.

How can you prevent snakes from coming into your toilet?

There are a lot of precautions you'll need to take, and we will be seeing some of them here.

- Keep the windows and doors closed

The toilets and bathrooms can be very cool places, and snakes sometimes would love to wrap around buckets of water, gallons and so on.
The first precaution is to keep the openings shut to prevent the reptiles.

- Close the bathroom drain

I have seen a case of a snake chasing a rat and finding its way into the room. Covering the bathroom drain is a very easy task, and you can get the cover for less than ₦500.

- Prevent rodent infestation in your homes

In most times snakes don't chase humans into the homes, they chase their food. Preventing rats, squirrels and other rodents from coming in has always been proven to be of help.

- Keep your toilet lid closed at all times

If you live downstairs, you stand a better risk. Always keep your toilet lid closed at all times so even if they find their way in, they won't escape into the house before you notice.

- Fumigate your residence regularly

You should always ensure to fumigate your toilets, bathrooms, soak-away pits and other places that stand a risk of harbouring snakes.

- Keep your environment clean

Make sure bushes and grasses around your residence are cut low. This will help prevent rodents from staying around.

- Always check your toilet before you sit

Before you sit, properly look into the toilet and make sure you are alone. Using the toilet in darkness is not advised, and you can use your mobile phone if need be.

Thanks a lot for reading along.
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