The Significance Of Empathy In Leadership: A Wake-Up Call For Every Leader In Nigeria

November 17, 2021

Val Okafor

The legacy of great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X, Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah, George Washington, Winston Churchill and Mahatma Gandhi are hinged on the fact that they were after the emancipation of their people rather than the desire to enrich their pockets. Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference. Empathy is an essential part of leadership and as such, our leaders must understand that leadership is beyond occupying a political position. They should be aware that service is the central activity in leadership.

To our leaders irrespective of your position, you need to understand that the office you're vying for is a platform for you to serve the people not impoverish them. The widow who depends solely on the tomatoes she sells believes that things would get better for her children when you ascend the throne. Be empathetic.

The youths who make up 60% of the country's population need job. They are tired of submitting their CVs to prospective employers who most of the time, turn them down. 

The farmers live in constant fear because they are no longer safe. They wish they could help the situation. However, they are trusting you to do that. Be empathetic.

Our family members and relatives in diaspora are beginning to change their nationality to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. 

Community members are tired of seeing government's presence only when elections are around the corner. If ballot papers can find their way to those communities regardless of where they are located, then basic amenities can find their way too.

My dreams for an effective leadership system in Nigeria are deeply motivated by my desire to have our children really proud to call Nigeria their home.

I dream of a nation where security of lives and property is guaranteed. Nigeria is at war with herself and until we recognize this fact, we will continue to shed the blood of our brothers and sisters. 

A Nigeria where the provision of basic amenities will be a consistent part of governance, a nation where there will be improved level of education up to world class standard. It is sad that no Nigerian university is ranked 1-100 in the world. Currently, there are about 13.2 million out-of-school children. The future of the younger generation lies in jeopardy, we must wake up to the recognition of the fact that the wealth of any nation is not dependent on what lies beneath the feet of its people but what lies between the ears of its people.

I dream of a Nigeria where the leaders put service above self-gratification. Leaders who are not tribalistic, power drunk and self-conceited. Where the term “leaders of tomorrow” will cease to be a cliché and will actually become an experience for youths. A nation where jobs are available for our students upon graduation. A nation where human rights are respected and not just documented.

I strongly believe these dreams are not just valid but achievable. What we need are leaders who would restore health to our hospitals, safety to our roads, value to our currency, dignity to labor, education to our schools and above all, a common sense of purpose towards the actualization of a new system of governance in Nigeria.

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