Madiba of Zora Biography, Age, Early Life, Family, Movies, Net Worth

December 25, 2021

Blessings Lung'aho Hugo Biography

Actor Madiba is one of the stars in popular Kenyan drama series known, the Zora TV show. The show is one of the most popular Swahili TV shows and has thousands of viewers all over the country.

We'd be seeing Madiba of Zora's biography, date of birth, age, full names, wife, children, education, movies, net worth, houses, cars, social media handles and more.

Full Names: Blessings Lung'aho Hugo
Nick Name: Madiba 
Date of birth: 1988
Age: 33 years
Nationality: Kenyan
Education: The Catholic University of East Africa.
Occupation: Actor, story teller, model, fitness guru, 
Net Worth: Kshs. 23 million

Blessings Lung'aho Hugo Biography, Date Of Birth, Early Life, Wife, Children, Education, Entertainment Career

Born in the year 1988, Blessings Lung'aho Hugo is a popular Kenyan actor, model and fitness guru. He is one of the stars in popular Kenyan drama series known, the Zora TV show.
Blessings was born in the Uasin Gishu County, Kapsoya village, Eldoret. He attended the Kakamega High School and had his tertiary education at the The Catholic University of East Africa. 

Blessings Lung’aho was born into a family of four. His mother is a professor of Literature while his late father was an accountant.
He came into limelight after starring in popular drama series, Maria. He is currently playing the role of Madiba in Kenyan popular TV show, Zora.

Other actors in the Zora TV series include:

• Sarah Hassan, as Zora
• Robert Agengo, as Fella
• Blessing Lung'aho, as Madiba
• Jackie Matubia, as Nana
• Brenda Mitchell, as Alma
• Quincy Rapando, as Kwame
• Patrick Gatimu, as Oscar
• Bridget Shighadi, as Yola
• Neema Sulubu, as Neema
• Joseph Gachanja, as Mzee Chibale
• Eunice David, as Hamida

Blessings Lung'aho Hugo is happily married. He keeps a great deal of his life private.

Blessings Lung'aho Hugo Net Worth

Blessings Lung'aho Hugo is popular for his role as Madiba in popular TV series, Zora. He is estimated to be net worth over Kshs. 23 million.

Social Media Handles

You can connect with Blessings Lung'aho Hugo on:
Twitter @blessing_blace

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