Multimillionaire Guide To Cassava Flour Production In Nigeria

December 02, 2021

Multimillionaire Guide To Cassava Flour Production In Nigeria

Cassava flour is one of the raw materials that are currently in high demand in Nigeria. According to reports, there is an annual national demand for High Quality Cassava Flour {HQCF} estimated to be 750,000 tonnes, while the national supply estimate is just about 50,000 tonnes.
This means that the products are being heavily undersupplied, and the market potential is high.
Now before we begin, what is the cassava flour, and what are its uses?

Cassava Flour - Introduction

Cassava flour is a food raw material made by grating and drying the fibrous cassava root. It is a great substitute for the other types of flours, and can be used for baking and so many other uses.

Uses Of Cassava Flour In Nigeria

There are many things cassava flour is used for in Nigeria.
We'd be seeing a few of them;
• bread
• cassava chips
• cassava cake
• french fries
• tapioca
• cassava in coconut sauce
• mashed cassava
• cassava bread soaked in coconut milk
• making bioethanol for fuel
• making medications
• making of fabrics
• feeding animals

There are a lot of uses, and I cannot list all of them here.

Cost Of Setting Up A Cassava Processing Plant In Nigeria

A rundown of the costs to set up a cassava processing plant are as follows:
Cost of equipment ₦36,000,000
Initial set-up cost ₦26,600,000
Initial working capital ₦5,600,000
Pre-production cost  ₦2,600,000
Total plant investment ₦70,800,000
(PN: the pricing was sourced from We have not independently verified them.)

The current price of cassava per ton in Nigeria differs from location to location and can be anything from ₦200,000 to ₦500,000 and possibly more.

How To Make Cassava Flour

To make your cassava flour for domestic use is not so difficult.
All you need to do is;
• Grate the cassava into tiny pieces
• Dry out the cassava after that
• Finally, grind the dried out cassava into fine powder and boom, you have your flour.

How Lucrative Is Cassava Production In Nigeria?

The demand for cassava flour is very high in Nigeria, and you can be making millions of Naira monthly if you do the business well.
First, you need to identify your market. You can talk to other people who have been into the business to know how to sell out your products.
Also, getting the best cassava for the production is very essential. There are different species and they won't have the same end results.

Focus on producing the best flour, and you will be having a good career without much stress.

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