Zazu Meaning: Here’s What Portable Would Want You To Know

December 20, 2021

Zazu Meaning

What does the slang, Zazu mean exactly? Well, I will be making this article a very brief one, so you might be needing a full concentration (oya laugh small, I am your pastor), or you won't flow totally in the spirit.

Zazu (in Nigeria) has its origin from a song by fast-rising Nigerian musician, Portable Omolalomi, music star, Olamide and popular dancer, Poco Lee.

What Is The Meaning Of Zazu In Nigerian Slang?

While you cannot know everything as a Nigerian, there are really some phrases and words you should be familiar with so you do not miss out on your daily doze of cruise, and Zazu is the newest of them all.
The slang Zazu is basically a feminine title of Hebrew origin meaning Movement. It was popularized in Nigeria by the song Zazu Zeh by Portable Omolalomi, Olamide and Poco Lee.

When Should You Use The Word?

Well, anytime you like! You can use it to replace the word movement if you're trying to talk in a street way, or any other ways you like.
I no too dey street haha, so I no go fit teach una the wordings!

It wasn't long right? That was what I said in the beginning.
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