Dayo Kujore Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Songs, Net Worth, Death

January 10, 2022

Dayo Kujore Biography

Dayo Kujore was a popular Nigerian juju singer.

He was originally from Abeokuta, Ogun State and died in January 2022.

We'd be seeing Dayo Kujore's biography, date of birth, age, early life, family, parents, siblings, wife, children, education, songs, albums, net worth and death.

Full Names: Dayo Kujore
Date of birth: 4th April, 1958
Age: 64 years
Date of death: 10th January, 2022
Nationality: Nigerian
Father: Michael Odejimi Kujore
Mother: Esther Kujore
Children: Ayinke Kujore, 
Education: Soba Technical School in Ojuelegba, Lagos State
Occupation: Musician
Net Worth

Dayo Kujore Biography, Date Of Birth, Early Life, Family, Entertainment Career

Born on the 4th of April, 1958 Dayo Kujore was a popular Nigerian juju singer.
He was originally from Abeokuta, Ogun State and was born to Michael Odejimi Kujore and Esther Kujore.
His mother was also known as Iya Ijo of the African church in Igboro. 

Dayo Kujore's elder brother was a choirmaster, while he took interest in playing musical instruments.
He was the lastborn of the family and used to go to the farm with his parents and even hawk items.
The late Juju Music star had his primary education at the African Church Primary School and proceeded to African Church Secondary School for his secondary education. The two schools were in Igboro, Abeokuta, Ogun State

He would eventually train as an engineer at the Soba Technical School in Ojuelegba, Lagos State.

Dayo Kujore had wives and children. One of his children is Ayinke Kujore.

Dayo Kujore Songs And Albums

Some of Dayo Kujore's works include:

• Soxo Xtra, Pt. 1
• Soxo Xtra, Pt. 2
• Happy Birthday!
• Wisdom
• Easy Life, Pt. 1
• Easy Life, Pt. 2

Dayo Kujore Net Worth

Dayo Kujore was a Nigerian music legend. We'd include his net worth as soon as possible.

Social Media Handles

You can Dayo Kujore's social media pages:

Facebook - Wonder Dayo Kujore

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